The Nail Bar Experience


Like I said in my other post, last Saturday, Feebee and I tried out the services at Nail Bar. It was our first time there ever.



top and bag: H&M
shoes: Janilyn

This is what I wore to church and dinner at Abreeza yesterday.

I bought these shoes for my Manila trip cause they would stand out for the all-black outfit I planned to wear. Oh well. They will make a good standout piece for my usual basic minimalist looks. Printed shoes are pretty hot right now! I saw a few pairs I want from Primadonna and Call it Spring. I hope Call It Spring will open in Davao sooner!!

I also saw my dear friend Margs yesterday after a loooooong time! I miss you, "cousin", if ever you're reading this. It was funny cause we couldn't speak for a few seconds over the shock of seeing each other. We talked for a bit and her nephews came to us and told her "Tita, tita maybe you and your friend's brain exploded cause you couldn't talk kanina" Haha! Cuties! <3

Anyway, I entitled this post Citrus cause of my orange bangles + yellow bag (don't have detail shots :( ). :)

PFW Holiday 2012 Day 3: Premiere B Collection


I was supposed to attend this show cause Lei was able to get me an invite but then, I wasn't able to go to Manila so "updating" you live from Davao:

Bandoix Flores

Love this collection with hints of Victorian and Gothic inspiration in classic black and white. I love that there were simple yet classic pieces to offset the more dramatic ones.


PFW Holiday 2012: SM Ladies Fashion


For some weird reason, sometimes I enjoy watching brand shows versus designer shows because I think I am more in tune with trend forecasting as well as I'm more exposed to commercial styling than editorial styling.

Anyway, this show is for SM Ladies wear. SM has always been a leader in providing fashion-forward and trendy off-the-runway styles at lower price points. I love SM cause they literally have got it all for you (and they have trendy plus sized clothing so we aren't left behind). Anyway, here are some of the trends I spotted at the SM show:

Pretty Pastels

Sheer fabrics in sorbet colors, chiffon, mullet skirts give off that breezy yet girly vibe.

PFW Holiday 2012 Premiere A Collection: Dimple Lim

Day 2 of Philippine Fashion Week closed with the SONY presents Premier A collection featuring Dimple Lim, Jeffrey Rogador, Odelon Simpao, Roland Lirio and Xernan Orticio, but I am only featuring my picks from Dimple Lim here in my blog. :)

PFW Holiday 2012: The Ramp Crossings


Day 1 of Philippine Fashion Week started off with the SM Food Group presents Ms. Earth at Philippine Fashion Week as well as The Ramp Crossings.

Some of the outfits I like:

The Ultimate Giveaway How-To: Hosting


I thought of doing this how-to on giveaways post because my blogger friends keep asking me for help how to advertise, get sponsors, and host a giveaway. So, since I have nothing to do tonight (missing out on Callum David in Davao cause I have no one to go with :( ), here is my giveaway post:


-to give back to your existing readers
-to gain more readers (duh, isn't this why we do this?)
-to get stuff in the mail



wedges: Shoebox

This is what I wore for Filipino class today!

Remember how I said yesterday, I'd be giving a speech? Well, part of the criteria was the outfit cause a good outfit can help boost your confidence. I don't know if it helped but at least, I was able to get through those 4-6 minutes! And hopefully after my talk, which was about blogging, I was able to gain a few new readers aka my classmates! :)

Today was a good day overall. Our Psych teacher cancelled our final exams because she was feeling generous! Instead, we'll be having a class party tomorrow! Love HER!! :) And, my dad bought me a new pair of shoes for.. FASHION WEEK! :-) No, it's not heels cause I don't wanna risk a sprain again. But speaking of, I saw a really nice and comfortable pair! I can't stop thinking about them cause they were comfy and affordable..and the last pair left! Well, if they're mine, they're mine.

Last day of summer class tomorrow!! BOO YAH! :)


Need to have my hair cut


Polo: H&M
shoes: Shoebox

I love the crisp look. For me, less is more.
It's quite sad that only a few people here appreciate this kind of simplicity. Either that, or this look is associated mostly with older women. A simple look like this actually takes a lot of restraint. All classic cuts and pieces, they're luxe because the designer chooses to focus on the material and cut to make the garment stand out. If you think it's hard to make a classy look youthful, just mix it with a trend. So for this, I paired my simple outfit with leopard flats.

The nice thing about this outfit is that it can serve as a canvas for a variety of looks. I'll definitely be wearing this again and mixing it up a bit soon. :)

PS. My title is related to how I feel. I really need to have my hair cut! But I won't just yet. My summer class finals are on Saturday and since I'm superstitious, I believe keeping my hair might just help me hustle through the exam! Woot!

PPS. Please pray for me! I'll be giving a speech about blogging tomorrow--in Filipino!! :(



peach kimono: Sunkissed
shoes: SM
necklace (not seen): StyledUP

What I wore to Mothers' Day dinner with my fam.

Actually, I could think about tons of possible titles for this post:

*Call Me Maybe--cause there was a really cute waiter at where we ate!! I won't say where we ate cause if you dropped by, you'd immediately know who he was!
*Bat Girl--cause my cover-up made me feel bat-like, like I had wings!
or or
*Sideways--cause I posed sideways cause I'm wide up front! HAHA
or or or
*Titles--cause I can think of so many!!

The list is endless! :))

Anyway, I picked Blush cause of my reddish-pinkish tones. Normally, I wear contrasting colors (I wear neutrals then have a bright colored accessory) but for this outfit, I wore complementary ones instead. I love how everything worked out in the end cause I just grabbed the first thing out of my closet. I got pressured to wear something fasyon when I saw my sister's outfit! (By the way, please check out her blog! :) )

Now I'm off ready for Mimi's 28th birthday celeb! :)

Bloggers' Talk



photos from Aidx

Last Tuesday, Cheyser, Aidx and I went to USEP to talk about blogging for my aunt's Introduction to Mass Communications class. We were a package deal since no one wanted to do it alone! And it was all our first time to give a blogging talk! I talked about the technical side of blogging--how to start a blog, blog hosts, kinds of blogs, etc. Aidx gave tips on blogging and photography, while Cheyser shared her experiences and benefits of blogging.

At first, Cheyser and I were terrified! We both hate public speaking. (I fear that people won't listen, so I find writing more comfortable) Aidx, on the other hand, is a mass comm student so it's a given. He is supposed to be outgoing! Haha. We even thought we'd just stay for an hour, but we ended up talking for the whole 2 hour class! So, hooray for baby steps toward conquering our fear of public speaking!

Thank you to my tita's class for having us and for being such great listeners! :)



top: Uniqlo
skirt: borrowed from Pat (Uniqlo)
heels: borrowed from Kweshie
taken by Aidx

What I wore to the last day of the Bloggers' Sale. NOT.

Actually, I was just in this top and denim shorts. But imagine, tables of fashionable clothes? It was hard NOT to wanna play dress up! I found this skirt on Pat and Wilson's table. I can't believe it actually fit me! :)
I don't really wear heels, but since this is dress-up, I got Kweshie's heels (nude to elongate my legs natch!).

Hope you all had a good Sunday! :)



My torso is kinda thin here! :P

top: Uniqlo
bag and skirt: H&M
flats: SM
necklace: Love Diva

This outfit is a first of sorts for me.

I first wore my top from Uniqlo. It's actually a tunic, but I didn't feel like wearing pants to school. Instead, I borrowed my sister's H&M skirt (thank God we're the same size! :)) ) So actually, this is the first time I wore a skirt to school. I just haven't dared to til now because I'm scared the guards won't let me in due to the dress code.

Anyway, speaking of firsts, today I got my invites to Philippine Fashion Week!! :)
Thank you Ms. Tina Herrera! :)
What is a happy weekend? :)



So, I just got home from a really tiring day.

Try this:
school + bloggers' sale + MTS weekend bazaar

and I still have homework to get to.

Anyway, this is just a random post but today made me realize how HARD it is to earn a living.
My sister and I were out for 8 hours but we only earned enough. I can only imagine what drivers of taxis, jeeps and trikes have to go through. They have to deal with the heat, traffic and extremely LONG hours just to make ends meet, and for what? A few coins. 

Yet, even though the hours are long, and the pay is low,
they wake up the next morning and do it all over again.

So even if their nature of work is like that, they still pursue it. There are some who still choose not to steal.
And for that, I have so much respect for them.

One Fab Pooch Hotel

Bloggers' Sale Day 1


lola Kyrie's finds. Boho dress near the pink one is only 100php!!



They keep me alive
empty classroom
view from my seat
my notebook and planner

Just some random photos I took today using my digicam, inspired by Aidx's post.
I love black and white photos, they instantly give off this enigmatic feel.
I broke the monotony with the photo of my planner cause I just wanted to show you how my planner and notebook looks. I love how the colors go together, do you? :)

By the way, it's the Bloggers' Sale tomorrow at FIDA!!
See you! :)


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