PFW Holiday 2012 Day 3: Premiere B Collection


I was supposed to attend this show cause Lei was able to get me an invite but then, I wasn't able to go to Manila so "updating" you live from Davao:

Bandoix Flores

Love this collection with hints of Victorian and Gothic inspiration in classic black and white. I love that there were simple yet classic pieces to offset the more dramatic ones.

Ezra Santos

My friend Megan told me this collection was to die for, and he was right! There were some hints of avian influence a la Cary Santiago but I thought this collection looked the most world class of them all. It looked very Marchesa, which is one of my favorite fashion houses, and I would die to wear these!!!

Albert Andrada

To me, Albert Andrada's collection was very Asian-inspired. From the headdresses to the silhouettes--very much like Chinese cheongsams (sp?) with the shoulder detailing reminding me of samurai suits, I thought his collection was a winner too.

Butz Fuentes

I thought Butz Fuentes collection was simple, Modern Filipino-inspired, especially because of the last piece.

Kermit Tesoro

and last but not the least, Kermit Tesoro's collection was as usual, very over the top. This Fashion Week, he presented the most number of garments in a show (last Fashion Week, he presented only 10) and he had a coat made of llama hair! I loved the combination of black and gold (can't go wrong with that!) but these are some of the tamer pieces that I would wear if ever. He went a whole different direction--feminine, versus his body armor collection last time. :)

So, what collection did you like best? :)


  1. KERMIT ftw! i love love love his finale!

    1. you were able to watch? :) ahhh so jealous! :P



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