Canon VIP Launch


spot us!!! (photo from Olive)

with Olive, who invited us :)

Canon girls went around taking our photos and then printing them in the portable printer.
A great alternative to photo booth! :P

IXUS cameras endorsed by bloggers :)

taray lang ang peg! (photo from Olive)

Last Friday, Pat, Kweshie and I were invited to the Canon VIP Launch at the SM Atrium. There, they introduced the new products like cameras, printers and a whole lot more!

For instance, there was one printer that really amazed me. It was wireless, so the laptop or computer need not be directly connected to the printer. It was amazing too, cause you can also print directly from the USB. There was also a printer that could fax, scan and print! At around 6,000PHP, I thought that was a steal! They also have a back-to-school promo: When you buy a printer, you can get a free Esprit watch or High Sierra backpack!

They had a game (Paint Me a Picture) where Pat joined. Her and her partner's peg was "taray" (snobbish) or something like that. The winner was judged based on the audience's reaction/applause. In the end, Kenneth and Olive won. Their topic was "hot and sexy". HAHA. There was also a raffle where Canon gave 2 digital cameras, 2 printers, ODM watches and a lot more. The top prize was a video camera which we all wanted to win but didn't. :-( Pat was lucky that day though, she won an ODM watch from the raffle + her consolation prize from the game! :)

Thank you Olive for inviting us, and thank you also to Canon Marketing Philippines! :)
For more info, you can visit them at their website or their Facebook page :)


  1. Hi Farrah! Thank you for coming during the event..
    Hope you had a great day too.. =)



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