peach kimono: Sunkissed
shoes: SM
necklace (not seen): StyledUP

What I wore to Mothers' Day dinner with my fam.

Actually, I could think about tons of possible titles for this post:

*Call Me Maybe--cause there was a really cute waiter at where we ate!! I won't say where we ate cause if you dropped by, you'd immediately know who he was!
*Bat Girl--cause my cover-up made me feel bat-like, like I had wings!
or or
*Sideways--cause I posed sideways cause I'm wide up front! HAHA
or or or
*Titles--cause I can think of so many!!

The list is endless! :))

Anyway, I picked Blush cause of my reddish-pinkish tones. Normally, I wear contrasting colors (I wear neutrals then have a bright colored accessory) but for this outfit, I wore complementary ones instead. I love how everything worked out in the end cause I just grabbed the first thing out of my closet. I got pressured to wear something fasyon when I saw my sister's outfit! (By the way, please check out her blog! :) )

Now I'm off ready for Mimi's 28th birthday celeb! :)

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