Need to have my hair cut


Polo: H&M
shoes: Shoebox

I love the crisp look. For me, less is more.
It's quite sad that only a few people here appreciate this kind of simplicity. Either that, or this look is associated mostly with older women. A simple look like this actually takes a lot of restraint. All classic cuts and pieces, they're luxe because the designer chooses to focus on the material and cut to make the garment stand out. If you think it's hard to make a classy look youthful, just mix it with a trend. So for this, I paired my simple outfit with leopard flats.

The nice thing about this outfit is that it can serve as a canvas for a variety of looks. I'll definitely be wearing this again and mixing it up a bit soon. :)

PS. My title is related to how I feel. I really need to have my hair cut! But I won't just yet. My summer class finals are on Saturday and since I'm superstitious, I believe keeping my hair might just help me hustle through the exam! Woot!

PPS. Please pray for me! I'll be giving a speech about blogging tomorrow--in Filipino!! :(


  1. Goodluck and God Bless dear <3

  2. I cannot agree with you more! Minimalist all the way! Well, that's just me. Haha. It was nice seeing you at the bloggers' sale, by the way. :)

    1. Hello! Yay! Fellow minimalist! Thank you for dropping by my blog! and yes, twas nice to see you at the sale too :)

  3. Where's Shoebox? I love your leopard flats! :)

    1. Shoebox is in abreeza, in front of pancake house :)



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