top and bag: H&M
shoes: Janilyn

This is what I wore to church and dinner at Abreeza yesterday.

I bought these shoes for my Manila trip cause they would stand out for the all-black outfit I planned to wear. Oh well. They will make a good standout piece for my usual basic minimalist looks. Printed shoes are pretty hot right now! I saw a few pairs I want from Primadonna and Call it Spring. I hope Call It Spring will open in Davao sooner!!

I also saw my dear friend Margs yesterday after a loooooong time! I miss you, "cousin", if ever you're reading this. It was funny cause we couldn't speak for a few seconds over the shock of seeing each other. We talked for a bit and her nephews came to us and told her "Tita, tita maybe you and your friend's brain exploded cause you couldn't talk kanina" Haha! Cuties! <3

Anyway, I entitled this post Citrus cause of my orange bangles + yellow bag (don't have detail shots :( ). :)


  1. oh, i noticed the pop of color of your bangles. love your bag, too :)



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