Playing Coy


Happy Chinese New Year!

I'm posting an outfit with a hint of red on it in honor of Chinese New Year. I did the same last year, even though I'm not Chinese. I'm really lucky that one, it's a holiday today and I've got time to blog and two, that I wore something a couple of weeks ago that seems fitting to post today cause if not, I honestly don't know what I'd write! Taking long blogging breaks at a time has taken its toll on my creativity/vocabulary. :(

50 Shades of Denim


I can't believe I let these photos rot in my inbox for a week!

Between school, fitness, extra-curriculars and managing my personal life, blogging has definitely taken a back seat. I have a really full plate right now and it sucks cause I feel like a robot or machine going on auto-pilot mode come weekdays :( And though I promised myself that I would only posy DSLR-quality photos, I find myself eating my words again. I like how the photos turned out, I think they lent a vintage feel to the outfit.

Leather and Studs


SOOO, have you noticed the new look? :)
And by new look, I meant the new look of my blog I mean. :)

It rained the whole day yesterday here in Davao which forced everyone to stay home for most part of the day. It was good in a way though that it forced us to be productive.  For one, it got my sister to start working on my blog. The fact that the header changed is good enough for me--I just wanted it to change!!--but watch for other little changes along the way as well. :)

Last Christmas


Happy New Year to you all!

I was recently contemplating whether or not to move to Wordpress since for the past few days, Blogger would not let me upload photos (I even already made an account on Wordpress and everything) but at the last minute, when everything was ready, I found out I had to shell out (more) money for them to map my domain. Anyway, I decided to back out. Maybe when everything is polished cause right now, I'm pretty busy as school just started today. But nevermind, firstly and importantly, I finally got my sister to come up with some new designs for my blog.


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