50 Shades of Denim


I can't believe I let these photos rot in my inbox for a week!

Between school, fitness, extra-curriculars and managing my personal life, blogging has definitely taken a back seat. I have a really full plate right now and it sucks cause I feel like a robot or machine going on auto-pilot mode come weekdays :( And though I promised myself that I would only posy DSLR-quality photos, I find myself eating my words again. I like how the photos turned out, I think they lent a vintage feel to the outfit.

Lorraine took these photos last Wednesday. What was initially supposed to be just selfies of us (cause we were matching that day--both of us were in denim polos) became an impromptu shoot, which I missed. I missed hanging out with her and my other friends. Ever know that feeling that sure, we see each other in school but we never really get to hang out, talk and bond? It's only 22 days into the year yet we're all so busy!

Only since the recent 90's grunge wave exploded did I find myself fixated obsessed with denim (and/or chambray) pieces, especially tops. Perhaps it's the influence of my bestie Ayessa who's the queen of polos or just maybe cause denim lends this casual vibe to whatever you wear but at the same time, it can still be dressed up to look glam. Either way, I never really cared for denim tops as the denim tops in the market used to be limited to jean jackets and those were really bulky and hot for the Philippines' tropical weather. Thank God that fashion and clothing manufacturing leveled up, along with the advent of newer technology and there are now lightweight denim fabrics. :)

I got the chambray polo over the Christmas break. I've been looking for the perfect one in the right wash, the right price and the right fit. The last one's especially important since some polos don't have ample room at the bust area and if they do, they don't usually fit your body well or they don't show off your waist. I paired it with my normal dark wash denims. I usually go for dark washed jeans because they are slimming. If you want to try a denim on denim look, the easiest, fool-proof combination is to pair a light wash with a darker one. Finally, I got some nice brown accessories to keep this simple look interesting. I love both the glamorous vintage shades Ariella gave me, and my mom's leopard (or is it cheetah?) printed clutch. I've been using it ever since Christmas, I think. :))

chambray polo: Forever 21 || leopard clutch: mom's || round shades: gift from Ariella
Hope you liked this look!
PS. Here's a link to the video segment on 2014 trends we filmed awhile back for Maayong Buntag Mindanao. :))

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