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Happy New Year to you all!

I was recently contemplating whether or not to move to Wordpress since for the past few days, Blogger would not let me upload photos (I even already made an account on Wordpress and everything) but at the last minute, when everything was ready, I found out I had to shell out (more) money for them to map my domain. Anyway, I decided to back out. Maybe when everything is polished cause right now, I'm pretty busy as school just started today. But nevermind, firstly and importantly, I finally got my sister to come up with some new designs for my blog.

So anyway, while I missed a lot on the blogosphere, I certainly wasn't amiss on events. Christmas is probably the busiest season in the year and I feel a sad sense of longing realizing it's over (or probably it's just because school has just started). Anyway, prior to Christmas Day, I wasn't able to attend any Christmas party cause school ended late and my friends (who are working!!! gah I feel so old) also arrived in Davao late so I had a slew of post-Christmas parties instead starting off with this one with my high school classmates.


This is the second one we celebrated together and instead of dinner, we had brunch instead because that was the only time we'd all be complete. Lea was scheduled to fly out that afternoon, while Dexter and Lian (see? working friends!!) arrived on the 23rd and 24th so that was our only free time. Knowing that this block of time was the only one where all our schedules converged and everyone showing up made it seem like the holiday gods were on our side and it made it all the more special to me. :)

This year, we had a theme. We had Filipino food for lunch. Plus, our resident chef (and my forever blog photog Mithi) also cooked some dishes. We were even able to have exchange gifts despite being faraway from each other c/o an online Secret Santa site. I never thought or knew those things existed! Haha. #technonoob

But of course The Style Reactor wouldn't be The Style Reactor without an outfit shot (haha) so I just had to show you what I wore. I wanted something simple and effortless (yet grown-up) so I just paired a black long sleeved top with my maroon skater skirt. It's pretty much a no-brainer combination but the skirt's color is still perfect for fall so I still have this trendy element despite it being a conservative and minimalist choice. I also thought that the outfit's simple base made my leopard printed clutch stand out more. At the last minute, I added my snowflake pendant because it was Christmas and it reminded me of Elsa (the snow queen from Disney's Frozen) :)

top: Liberte || skirt: Cotton On || oxfords: Feebee's || leopard clutch: Laidback Orange

So there you have it, my Christmas brunch outfit. I'm still trying to extend Christmas season! I'm still pretty much in denial! =))

Hope you liked it!


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