Leather and Studs


SOOO, have you noticed the new look? :)
And by new look, I meant the new look of my blog I mean. :)

It rained the whole day yesterday here in Davao which forced everyone to stay home for most part of the day. It was good in a way though that it forced us to be productive.  For one, it got my sister to start working on my blog. The fact that the header changed is good enough for me--I just wanted it to change!!--but watch for other little changes along the way as well. :)

I, on the other hand, got around to tackling this mini-stack of [non-academic] books I got over the break. What a perfect combination eh? Rain + good book in bed = heaven. Just like this FIRST official outfit post of 2014! (Huzzah, score for the segue queen!)

I actually wore this outfit to our annual family Christmas Eve dinner but (as usual) I didn't get the chance to photograph it. So, when we were invited by the local ABS-CBN channel to shoot a segment on what the trends for 2014 would be--and on the first day back at school, no less!-- I wore the outfit again because I loved it too much, Dawn would be there to photograph it (haha! Hash tag user) AND because one of the trends for 2014 would be boxy jackets like moto jackets and bomber jackets (the one I'm sporting). I wore oxfords to our Christmas party instead of flats (aka my school shoes, cause I couldn't find the oxfords as I was leaving for school) though.
Christmas 2013 family photo
with my cousins (photo from Jessica)
  The segment was aired a couple of days later...and I missed it..by only by a couple of minutes! :( I was up at around 6:30am, anticipating it would air at around 7am so I logged on to Facebook first. I saw a couple of wall posts from friends saying they saw me on TV. The time stamp? Posted two minutes ago. Until the segment producer sends me the video, here's a screen shot my friend Emman got.

 and a BTS shot from Dawn:

 If you're gonna ask me what the key trends are for 2014, I honestly cannot remember a thing I said. I haven't been really style site stalking as often as I used to (remember how I'd used to post trend reports and post my favorites from designers' collections?). I do remember something about reds and pinks being in this year (vs blues and greens last year, besides it's along the same color family as radiant orchid, the color of the year) and that pleated skirts would be in as well. I also think that the denim and 90's grunge look will be around for a little while. 

I love the

I do remember advising to stay true to your personal style. Don't buy something just because people say it's trendy; it's a marketing ploy that only fashion victims fall prey to! Second, wear something suitable for your body type. Like me, I wore this monochrome outfit cause black is slimming and I wanted to hide the holiday bulge! But, the outfit was kept interesting via different textures and interesting details. Lastly, wear clothes that fit you well. That in itself is the number 1 best advice I can give to someone who's clueless about fashion. Wear something that fits you well and be confident in it!

And another thing I am sure of: the peplum trend just has to go. It just HAS to.

top and jacket: Forever 21 || skirt: Cotton On || shoes: Parisian || photos: Dawn
So, I have to ask:
What did you think of the outfit? :) What do you think of the new look so far? What are your favorite trends for 2014? AND What else would you like to see in the blog?

Like I said in my last post, I've sort of neglected my blog in 2013, so I'm trying to go for a BIGGER and BETTER Style Reactor in 2014. I started with the layout and then just last week, I got someone to photograph me on Wednesdays already (woot woot) so I'd love to know what else you'd want to see on the blog! :)
I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

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