Closet Sale!


"And tonight, I'm cleaning out my closet"

I'm selling some of my clothes, most of which I wore once or twice. Like this neon leopard print skirt from Forever 21+

worn here
and here
this leopard print top from SOUL I wore here

and this Forever 21+ jacket I recently bought. I bought the wrong size and tried to have it exchanged but Forever 21 did not let me cause I took off the price tag. It's at 1435php and still in stock at Forever 21 Davao but I'm selling it at 1000php. (I still kept the tag and receipt) I only wore it 2x!
Please visit to check out the other clothes I'm selling :)

PS. I also have a 3000php worth of gift cheques from SOUL which I haven't claimed yet and want to sell in exchange for cash. It's just that there aren't much pieces from the recent collection that would fit me so sayang naman diba? If you plan on shopping at SOUL, please trade with me! I promise, no funny business. Besides, I'd have to come with you to the store cause my GCs aren't on-hand; I just drop by and if I like something, I'll get it.

PPS. Important! Pls contact me only if you plan on buying something 1000php and up cause the GCs are in 1000php denominations.

Again, please visit:

Thank you!!

My (Secret) Shopping Spots


While waiting for Gossip Girl to finish downloading, I thought of doing a random post of where I buy my clothes. I'm not really a fan of spending exorbitant amounts of money on clothes (if I were to spend from my own pocket, I'd spend 1500php TOPS on an article of clothing. But if it were my parents' money, well, that's another story :)) ) Anyway, my favorite shops that are available locally Forever 21, Topshop and Dorothy Perkins but the latter two can get really pricey so I don't get to buy as often. Local brands that have nice clothes that are reasonably priced (for plus-sized girls like me) are Human, Oxygen and Tomato (well for bags and shoes). For shops which haven't reached our shores yet, I LOVE H&M. I have yet to check Ever New and Cotton On, two retail chains which have recently reached Manila shores. And if you're wondering what I think of Mango and Zara, well, they are the most fashion-forward of the set.

Model I Love: Jasmine Maierhofer


I haven't done a Model I Love post in so long! (The last one was last year with Karlie Kloss) so anyway, because I can't get over the Forever 21 fashion show (seems so long ago),
meet Jasmine Maierhofer.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012



Hello after a week!

I know, I know. I really should get on with blogging more but life's been dull and school just started. Anyway, here I am with a peace offering. I missed doing gushy/critique fashion posts. Lately it's been more of personal style and experience posts. Let's get started, shall we?

Every year, the world eagerly awaits for November, when the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show happens. It's the time when all the guys are drooling and all the girls are starving or doing extra sit-ups at the gym. :)) Me, I watch the show for the styling. I love the creative team for putting a lot of thought into the props, costumes and concepts. Money is no object--I heard production cost $12M!

I can't wait for December when I will have the chance to download the show and watch it. For now, some photos from Divine Lee's blog.

What Your Clothes Say About You


I recently watched an episode of Suits (the first one of the second season I think) wherein Jessica asked Harvey to fire Mike. The day Jessica asked Harvey to fire Mike, Harvey came into the office and Donna sized him up on how he was feeling and accurately what was going on, based on his clothing. Actually, I think Donna does that a lot--picking up on non-verbal clues. She's really perceptive that way. 

I also read a book by Meg Cabot (Queen of Babble) wherein the protagonist (Lizzie) sizes up the handsome man (Luke) she meets on the train based on his clothing. I know they are both fictional incidents but that really got me interested. Actually, deciphering who people are based on what they wear is something I'm curious about and want to learn. 

All I Need are Shades

11/02/2012 look like a celebrity!

Happy Friday..and hello Sweet November!

Can you believe it's Friday? Actually, I can but to me it feels like a Sunday! It's funny that it's only now that I am losing track of days when in fact, school is already starting on Wednesday! Isn't it funny that it's during the last days of vacation do you actually start to enjoy the vacay?


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