Model I Love: Jasmine Maierhofer


I haven't done a Model I Love post in so long! (The last one was last year with Karlie Kloss) so anyway, because I can't get over the Forever 21 fashion show (seems so long ago),
meet Jasmine Maierhofer.

 Here she is in a fashion editorial for one of my favorite magazines, Meg. Incidentally, she also was a cover model for this magazine in 2009. My roommate had a copy and I read in the interview that she used to go to Adamson (I don't know about now) and that likes ramp modelling more than she does print. I also remember her mentioning she had size 7 feet, which was disproportionate to her 5'10" or 11" frame. (So random, right? But I can't help it if my brain remembers odd facts. LOL)

this is so something Aidx would do =)

We're born the same year but she's gone so far in terms of her career!! I always thought she was sort of the Karlie Kloss of the Philippines--sweet-looking but ferocious down the runway!

Hihi. I found this photo of her on the Internet. So cute. :">

PS. Really really a million times sorry about not posting personal stuff lately (outfit shots) or what. I just feel so uninspired, I haven't been taking photos and I feel like my life's been a drag lately. Back to the old school routine, I'll say! :'(

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