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While waiting for Gossip Girl to finish downloading, I thought of doing a random post of where I buy my clothes. I'm not really a fan of spending exorbitant amounts of money on clothes (if I were to spend from my own pocket, I'd spend 1500php TOPS on an article of clothing. But if it were my parents' money, well, that's another story :)) ) Anyway, my favorite shops that are available locally Forever 21, Topshop and Dorothy Perkins but the latter two can get really pricey so I don't get to buy as often. Local brands that have nice clothes that are reasonably priced (for plus-sized girls like me) are Human, Oxygen and Tomato (well for bags and shoes). For shops which haven't reached our shores yet, I LOVE H&M. I have yet to check Ever New and Cotton On, two retail chains which have recently reached Manila shores. And if you're wondering what I think of Mango and Zara, well, they are the most fashion-forward of the set.

When I "get sick" of my clothes, I try to buy a piece or two just to update the look of my basics. I would thrift shop if I could (the thrill of finding a beautiful one-of-a-kind item that fits is unparalleled!) but my mother made me realize I do not actually get to wear the clothes I buy when I go thrifting. I would find amazing pieces at dirt cheap prices but they end up laying around the house. So, I stopped. Anyway, 'fessing up, most of my "secret" spots are department stores. Here's my top 5!

5) Landmark, Trinoma

This was my go-to place when I was still studying in Manila. Apparently, my friend Ayessa who's now taking her Masters in Manila, also finds it as her go-to place! I got the red top (as seen on the photo) for 279php and I wore it to ADHOC with my roommates Mich, Jane and Trix. Looks like it cost more, eh? My friend Shane was so amazed by this find!

I also got this maxi dress I wore to my friend Emmae's 18th birthday from Landmark + the Dupe flipflops. I think I spent 780php total for my beach-inspired outfit (and the flipflops were like 400-495php), but that was back in 2008 :))

Tip: Don't be fooled (or daunted) by some of the tackier selections. Like in every thrift shop, DIG DIG DIG. A treasure is bound to be found!

4) Robinson's Department Store

Robinson's Dept has some of the cheapest (but fashionable) clothes I've encountered! My faves are their in-house brands like Candy, Sunkissed and Never Been Kissed (teen brand, their clothes don't fit me but nice nevertheless. Love this fringed vest they have!)

I got the peach cover-up at Sunkissed for 450php (wore it also to Vern's birthday but I think I want to sell it already), and the red cardigan from Candy also for 450php (worn here)! The navy blue top is the one I wanted to buy but cost 1000php! :(

Their shoes are also really affordable, especially the brand Privileged! They have JC-inspired shoes for as low as 700php. Rob also carries a brand of flats (Pinkberry I think) which ranges from 350-450php. I think that's an okay price for trendy-trendy shoes. They also have some bags I like but I haven't tried buying yet.

3) SM Department Store

SM really lives up to its motto--We've got it all for you! They really do!

I go to SM to buy jeans, shorts and it's also where I bought my overused Parisian studded loafers. What can I say? I like Parisian shoes, even if my mom says they're a wear-and-throw brand. They're comfy and really cheap, especially the Solemate brand--they have shoes for as low as 299.75!

shorts, pants and overused loafers from SM

Parisian flats

The thing about SM though is that, it's the most expensive among all the department stores in my list. Clothes are 549.75php up for bigger sizes, but they have stuff as low as 200php in the Girls Teen Wear section, which is my fave! I like the brands like Betty, RedHead and True Love--they're really fashionable and trendy!

2) Gaisano Mall Department Store

Only recently did I discover the magic of Gaisano Mall Department store! If you really look, they have good stuff at affordable prices. You know those trendy clothes that bloggers wear which were sourced from Bangkok--studded, spiked, digiprint, galaxy print, sheer, maxis, peplum, etc--they have it here at prices HALF of those in retail stores. (I'm kind of bitter to those clothes cause they were built for small body types, so all I can do is ogle) I was able to find this blazer though, and I got it for 369php only! :)

1) JS Gaisano Mall Department Store

I never believed in the power of JS until my mother introduced it to me. They sell export overruns, but in good condition. We were able to buy lots of Cotton On, Forever 21, Zara and Mango items for 200-300. I visited JS last week and I found black pants from Chaps (a US dept store brand) for only 369php--and the best thing is it fits! They actually carry big sizes :)) I also saw some Mango bags for 300-600php. They were overruns of course, but still. If you can carry it and make it look like the real Mango deal, then why not? I've always thought it was impractical to keep buying labels (although I do too, from time to time) because honestly, the only person who knows what label you're wearing is yourself. My friends tell me "Oh Farrah's so sosyal" or whatever but now you guys know where I get my clothes and how affordable they are.

Oh yesh, the best thing about JS is that--they are ALWAYS on sale! You can get your comfy basics here, but they also have trendy stuff too. Like the other department stores, just be patient in scouring through the racks!

Fashion doesn't need to be expensive!
Hope you found this article informative! :P


  1. Far, we have the SAME "shopping" places. ;) especially with JS and GMALL! :D

    1. I "discovered" Gmall cause of you Kwesh! and JS talaga no!! hahaha :)

  2. i miss shopping in js and gmall.:)

  3. I love SM Department Store too! I can go in there and leave with an entire outfit! :)

    Thank you for dropping by my blog. Yes, it would've been nice to meet a Davaoeno blogger when I was there. I love Davao!

    1. Thanks for commenting back on my post Mac! Maybe next time you come here, we can meet up? :)

  4. I got into the habit of going to the ukay-ukay in Bankerohan. The one behind the market, not the stalls. The place is kinda dirty (haha) as in literal na ukay talaga! Pero they have reeeeaally good finds for like P20, P30, mahal na ang P40! They even have 3 for P10 and P20. :)) you might want to check it out! :) but you have to look pangit going there. Hahaha! -Sara

    1. Hey ate Sar, wow! You go ukay? Hindi halata, swear! HAHA. :)) Take me there sometime!!

  5. Hi. You can also check out We have authentic debranded clothes originally for UK chainstores like TOPSHOP, Miss Selfridge, ASOS, River Island, Dorothy Perkins, etc. These aren't fake and damaged overruns. They come from the manufacturers, and nothing is wrong with them. Items are in the exact quality you'd find in the store, except that logos may have been cut off as per UK regulation. :)



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