Persunmall Giveaway (CLOSED)


Hello July!

I was sent another email again recently from an online clothing company asking if I wanted to host another giveaway and who am I to say no? :) I've received so much blessings (with our TV show and what not. Speaking of, have you seen the teaser yet?) and July also happens to be my BIRTH MONTH so this'll be like a gift of mine for sorts.

This giveaway is sponsored by Persunmall and they are giving away 9 items which you can choose from! All you have to do is:

1. Register at *(required)
2. Like our Facebook page: *(required) 
3. Leave a comment with the registered email and your name under the giveaway post *(required)

You can do steps 2 and 3 via Rafflecopter.

Remember, you MUST register at before anything else!!

 We will be picking one winner out of 60 entrants (not entries, okay? We'll be basing it from the comments part) from my blog so for more chances of winning, invite more friends to join! :) Winners will be announced on PersunMall Official Page and their Facebook Page on July 19th!

Winners can pick from these clothing:

1. Wings Heart Cotton VestSKU: FCBI00155
3. High Low Chiffon SkirtSKU: FMCC0079
4. Irregular Neck Chiffon ShirtSKU: FDBI00189
5. Stylish Color Contrast Two-Piece SuitSKU: FIBI0042    
6. Cow Color Cotton ShortsSKU: FJCE0040 
8. Irregular Net Chiffon DressSKU: FXBI00209

The special "Lucky Prize"(For all participants):Persunmall also prepared worth $100 gift card "lucky prize" for the randomly-selected lucky one, so everyone has the chance!
If you can't be the winner, PersunMall also prepared a gift for you, 20%off orders over $60, just use the coupon code PERSUN20%OFF after your order over $60.(Pls make sure you use it within a month, the valid time for this is only 30 days from July 1 to July 30)

Good luck guys! :)


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Pretty Little Liar


Hello from the dead.
Pun intended, seeing as this post was entitled Pretty Little Liar. Of course most of you would know the show's premise--it's about 4 friends and the mystery concerning their friend's mysterious disappearance/death. The show's fourth season recently started though I have yet to watch it, seeing that I barely have much time (or chances OR internet connection) to take outfit photos and blog, much more watch series. I wish I could though. Suits is starting the third season in less than two weeks and I still have 5 more episodes to watch before the season finale. Oh and don't get me started on Revenge and Awkward....cause I am not updated with those either. Le sigh

Third Time's the Charm


While doing school work and cleaning up my files on our computer, I saw this outfit shot which Ayessa and I shot about two months ago, when summer class started. Can't believe I just posted this now, and after two consecutive posts with my trusty blue blazer (Coincidentally, I was with Ayessa also when I bought this in Manila. Haha). Thus, the title "Third Time's the Charm".



So if it isn't obvious from the title, my outfit was inspired by one of the more iconic outfits Serena van der Woodsen of Gossip Girl wore in Paris at the start of the fourth season. Now my style isn't very Serena (I actually like Blair's polished style more), but I have to admit that I love how her looks are so effortless and "I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-grabbed-whatever-I-saw"...well, except for this look cause I think that gold and cobalt blue look of hers looked like one of the more polished ones she had. (Proof: she didn't have her signature tousled hair HAHA)

Cool With You


Happy Independence Day!

Let's celebrate the anniversary of our country's freedom in a good way (cause usually we end up going to the mall during holidays, right? I'm guilty of this myself :|). So anyway, we don't have school today and I'm kind of sad about it because it was supposed to be the first washday of the school year!! Shallow reason aside (though I'm kind of glad there isn't class cause my Mondays and Wednesdays are hectic! Plus I actually don't have anything to wear yet! Summer class curbed my imagination!) and despite the fact that there isn't any wash day, that won't stop me from not posting a look. So this is the third set of the four joint outfit shot series I had with Heidi.



Here's another outfit from the four we shot at SM the other week. This set is probably my favorite because of the concept, the clothes and how the photos turned out. Honestly, I'm so glad that my friends are game! It made everything easier and much more fun!

Stylish Saturdays: Olivia Palermo


"She's always fierce, she always wins Spring Fling Queen"

When Damian was describing Regina George, I couldn't help but think that the writers had Olivia Palermo in mind. She's beautiful (she has quite a fox-like quality to her face), extremely stylish and she just gives off this impression that she has everything going on for her.

Move Along


Hello again!

These photos are just part of a set of outfits out of the 4 my friends and I took last week. It was our last bonding before Heidi went back to Manila (sadly, she'll be back on December yet but I might go to Manila on August so *cross fingers* hope that trip pushes thru).

Firmoo Sunnies Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Hey guys!
First of all, I just want to thank everyone for visiting my blog. I'm nearing 100,000 views!! It's not as much as  the other bloggers, but the fact that I actually have (and maintained) a blog with close to 100,000 page views is beyond me! Of course, it wouldn't have been possible without you, so thank you!! Anyway, lately, I've been so blessed because even before my Ichigo giveaway ended, Firmoo emailed me, asking to sponsor a giveaway!

Last Hurrah


Last Friday, my family and I went on a little trip. It was a bit shocking cause for one, we hardly ever have road trips or beach trips anywhere! My dad's kind of a mall rat whose idea of going out is eating out (which is why all of us, his children, are healthy creatures HAHA) so those are the trips I'm accustomed to. Our car also is not suited for long rides so that's also one reason we ever go past city limits. That's also why I am not an outdoorsy person. Anyway, second, my dad actually rented a van for the trip! So he really means business. Road trip kung road trip! He 'invested' in a van na eh!



It's June!

It's June, it's June, it's June and it came too soon! *sings made up song*
I really cannot believe by the end of the month, HALF the year will have gone by already!

And with the coming of school, you could prolly expect less outfit posts now cause I'll only have Wednesday and the weekends to dress up. *insert sad face* But swear, I'll try my best to still blog a lot! I'm really thankful cause the past two posts I had received phenomenal response! Hello, THANK YOU guys for commenting!! I really like hearing what you think cause it helps me improve, so keep the comments coming! :)


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