So if it isn't obvious from the title, my outfit was inspired by one of the more iconic outfits Serena van der Woodsen of Gossip Girl wore in Paris at the start of the fourth season. Now my style isn't very Serena (I actually like Blair's polished style more), but I have to admit that I love how her looks are so effortless and "I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-grabbed-whatever-I-saw"...well, except for this look cause I think that gold and cobalt blue look of hers looked like one of the more polished ones she had. (Proof: she didn't have her signature tousled hair HAHA)

Aside from Serena's style and 'It' Girl status which provided for a supposedly "perfect" life which a lot of people envied, Gossip Girl also showed Serena's more vulnerable side. In Season 2, it was shown that she was rebelling cause she was seeking her father's attention. Soon enough though, she got to meet him. I have to say, I feel extremely blessed that even though I'm not an 'It' Girl nor do I live in the UES nor do I have an enviable wardrobe, I can say I have a dad who is always there for me. I mean, you can easily earn money and buy things but some things like a parent's love, you cannot buy. So, to my extremely supportive stage dad, Happy Father's Day! 
(Another joint outfit post with my dad soon! Meanwhile, see the one I did with my mom here)

This also happens to be the last of my joint outfit shots with Heidi. *sobs* The next one will probably be in December (or August, if ever I get to go to Manila). Heidi wore her bodycon dress from H&M and with her in that outfit and me in this outfit, I thought both our outfits were very Serena--cause Serena also likes showing off her curves, right?

 BTW, this outfit's also a re-shoot! I wore this to one of our shoots (for my blogger's profile) for our TV show way back in April (Keep tuned!!!!!! It's coming soon!). 

top: H&M || blazer and skirt: Forever 21 || shoes: Privileged at Robinson's Dept Store || photos Mithi

PS. I was so in the Serena-zone that I asked Mithi if we could shoot at a cafe, a la Serena and Blair in Paris hahaha :)

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