Third Time's the Charm


While doing school work and cleaning up my files on our computer, I saw this outfit shot which Ayessa and I shot about two months ago, when summer class started. Can't believe I just posted this now, and after two consecutive posts with my trusty blue blazer (Coincidentally, I was with Ayessa also when I bought this in Manila. Haha). Thus, the title "Third Time's the Charm".

And although the third time of a lot of things have always been the charm for me (It was in my third try that I'd finally finished the application process in my old org in UP, UP KEM. A lot of things also happened to me that worked out a third try but the KEM incident was (and will always be) at the top of my head), I won't be talking about that.

The first week of school's ended and we're on to only our second one but it feels as if we're in the middle of the semester already! It's probably the change in pace (from a relatively relaxed summer to the hectic school days) or the fact that I have classes at 7:40 everyday (oh when will this stop??) but I've been really feeling stressed, and subsequently, under the weather recently. It's probably just this week though (I hope), what with all the meetings, plates, papers and DRAWINGS (hello, EE 142 classmates ;p) I already have on my plate. (Geddit, plate? nyaha)

And although I thought I wouldn't like this semester, my Philo teacher is slowly changing that notion a bit. I know he's pretty known for being scary but so far, I think I am looking forward to the semester in his class. We haven't even started discussing our first reading and yet, I've already gathered lots of nuggets of wisdom.  He's been teaching for 23 years (older than me!) so he's seen everything! He was even my mom's teacher and my sister's teacher. I can't wait to know if he'd be my 2 other sisters' teacher. So anyway, let me share  one of those nuggets of wisdom. This is about presence.

blazer: Forever 21 || top and bag: H&M || shoes: SM Parisian

He is extremely particular about attendance, but he explained why. It costs about P250,000 per year (conservative estimate) to send someone to college (including tuition and baon, food, projects, etc). At the same time, you only need about P150-200,000 to be able to buy a multicab which you can have rented out. This multicab earns about P500 a day, or P15,000 a month or P180,000 a year. So after a year, you get back what you shelled out. And you can use that multicab for 5-10years so can you imagine how much money your parents would make IF they invested money in buying a vehicle? But, they chose to send you to school instead.

I'm taking Economics now, so I understood the opportunity cost. It really is huge. If you're talking about practicality (and money's) sake, then yeah who wouldn't choose the multicab? But emotions are involved and our parents love us, so they deem it a worthier investment to send us to school. The least we could do is show up. Well I for one know how hard it is for my parents cause I'm the eldest and there are 5 of us they send to school (I'm extremely embarrassed that I've overextended my stay in college by the way), so there isn't much problem about me cutting class but I can't help but think of the other kids at school who blatantly disregard their education. It's really sad. :(

Woody Allen once said "70% of success is showing up" so always show up. You wouldn't be able to grab any opportunities if you aren't there in the first place!

Also, showing up (and showing up early) shows you value and respect that person's time. It shows professionalism, which is always a valued trait. So I really try to show up early because I dislike waiting. I know how it feels and I don't want to make people wait for me. Cause it's a globally competitive world and people just don't wait for anyone anymore. Time is money.

Anyway, I wanted to share something else but I forgot my notebook upstairs (haha I really wrote down what he said!)! Still, I hope this inspired you as much as it inspired me!

Have a great day!

PS. I can't seem to post the video teaser for our show here, but you can watch it on Youtube here.


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  1. i love your blue cardigan :))
    suits you well :)



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