Stylish Saturdays: Olivia Palermo


"She's always fierce, she always wins Spring Fling Queen"

When Damian was describing Regina George, I couldn't help but think that the writers had Olivia Palermo in mind. She's beautiful (she has quite a fox-like quality to her face), extremely stylish and she just gives off this impression that she has everything going on for her.

I cannot believe I've never written about one of my biggest style influences EVER on my blog. But before I show you some tips on how to achieve that Olivia Palermo look, a little background first on Olivia. Olivia Palermo's a New York socialite who appeared on The City with Whitney Port of The Hills fame. I didn't discover her via her show because I didn't watch it, to be honest. I think I Googled her when she was mentioned by Whitney Port at a magazine interview (cause they supposedly had a rivalry going on..oh well not really relevant).

So anyway, my absolute FAVORITE looks of hers are those taken during her downtime. I love how she makes casual wear look so posh! That's always always always the look I try to achieve but sadly, if you're dressed simply here in the Philippines, people don't really consider you stylish (or a legit blogger) Well, at least based on my observation. That's not gonna stop me though from advocating the simple yet chic look.



(1) love this look 5ever. Simplicity at its best

To achieve this look: Like I keep repeating, invest in neutral colored basics.

Olivia's always spotted with her dog, Mr. Butler wearing blazers. 


Tip: Blazers are ALWAYS a good idea. I gave a speech in class about must-haves and blazers are a MUST because compared to cardigans, they cling to your body, giving it SHAPE. I don't think I'll ever see someone in the Philippines walking their dog in a blazer though. It's simply too hot here!

Another thing I love about Olivia is that even if her style tends to lean towards a polished aesthetic, she also has really feminine looks. 



(1) and (2) The looking back pose! Kind of did that with my last look haha

Tip: Dresses are ALWAYS a good idea, especially for lazy days!

Something else I've noticed and envied about Olivia is that she can wear fur. My friends know this--that one of my biggest style frustrations or something in my fashion bucket list is to wear fur! Not the real thing though because of animal cruelty, obviously. Again, I can never seem to because it's hot here. BTW, I tried a faux fur vest that was on sale in The Ramp before but all it did was emphasize my boobage so I didn't buy it. hahaha

(1) and (3) so that's not exactly fur but fringe and ruffles I think so

Tip: Voluminous pieces can be good too, in the right areas.

Another thing I envy? Olivia's man candy Johannes Huebl whom she's been with since 2008. Gawd, they make the most stylish couple ever, I swear! I can only hope dream of having a stylish and handsome model for a boyfriend. A boyfriend would be nice though, for starters. I'm not too picky, no. HAHAHA

How cute is it that they have couple outfits???

Someday, someday. He doesn't have to be well-dressed because that's the fun and challenge in it. I actually love menswear and shopping for menswear. I'm kind of trying to train my brother to be conscious about dressing up because as a woman/girl, I just know that women tend to go for the presentable guy. (Brother's pogi/marketability factor shoots up!! Hahaha)

Tips for your guy: Just remember this: fit is EVERYTHING. And invest in a blue and/or white polo. They're universally flattering. (This just gave me an idea to make a tips for men post!)

Last tip: When in doubt, wear black!

Like a true blue New Yorker, Olivia has her share of all black outfits! Black outfits need not be boring though. Details like fabric, texture, cut, embellishment and even color shade (cause there isn't just black--there's black with either red or blue undertones) matter. Plus, when wearing all black outfits, accessories make a lot of difference.

photos from Pinterest

Hope you liked this post (and learned something from it!)


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