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Hello again!

These photos are just part of a set of outfits out of the 4 my friends and I took last week. It was our last bonding before Heidi went back to Manila (sadly, she'll be back on December yet but I might go to Manila on August so *cross fingers* hope that trip pushes thru).

So this is another "hipster" outfit of mine which I'd already worn to a bonding sesh with Kwesh and Dawn before Kwesh left for Manila. I only got to re-shoot it now. This time around though, I wore boots. BOOTS. I know right? BOOTS!! I never wear boots cause they make my thighs look fat(ter) but these boots my sister found while thrifting (the perfect boots for only 100php) were too cute to pass up so I brought them with me to the shoot.

This outfit was actually intended to be a "date" outfit. When paired with flats and my brown hobo bag from Mia, it could be. I'd envisioned a dinner date by the sea when I thought of it--or probably a movie date if you must--because of the breezy vibe the loose cardigan gives. The top's too long to be worn with pants but too short to be worn alone so I always pair it with shorts cause even if my legs are kinda huge, I don't always wanna be covered up. I don't have unsightly scars to hide anyway, plus showing off your legs makes you look taller.

Baggage counter duty while Mit shot Heidi
top: Suiteblanco
cardigan: SOUL
boots: thrifted
bag: Ichigo

Hope you liked the outfit! :)
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  1. your boots are awesome!! :) it suits you well and I believe you shouldn't restrain yourself from wearing shorts because you have a super pretty legs! flawless! :D :D

    1. Aww thank you Em! You're so sweet :)

  2. 100 pesos for the boots, what a great deal, those are some cute boots! I think you look great in shorts girl, your totally rocking them with the boots! I love the pop of color with your bag too! :)




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