Here's another outfit from the four we shot at SM the other week. This set is probably my favorite because of the concept, the clothes and how the photos turned out. Honestly, I'm so glad that my friends are game! It made everything easier and much more fun!

 When I told them I wanted a crossing-the-road photo for my blog, I had no idea how we were gonna achieve that. So, we literally winged it. Mithi shot Heidi and I candidly. As much as I wanted to pose, cars were passing by every now and then plus I was in heels, which made running to safety harder than it's supposed to be.

When Heidi and I stepped out of the restroom after changing, we were both shocked to find that we both had striped outfits on! What can I say? Great minds think alike! It's cool cause we've been friends for almost 10 years so we already have an inkling of what the other is thinking. Have you ever had that happen to you and your friend? There are also times when I'm about to text Mithi and then she beats me to it then what she texts me is what I was supposed to tell her about! It amazes me so much that I save our "ESP" moments on my phone! 

Lucky shot
So anyway, with the striped outfits Heidi and I both had on, I thought it was fitting to have the crossing-the-street-shot (an item from the blog shoot bucket list: checked off!) I love how the stripes from our top complemented the pedestrian lane. Annnd in usual fashion, both Heidi and my personal styles were shown through our outfit choices. I love how she paired the striped top with bright pops of color, like the blue of her pants and the red of her bowling bag. Read about her look here

Meanwhile, I went for the classic look (again) inspired by one of my style crushes Rachel Bilson.

I love how her outfit is of mixed prints but it looks very seamless, something I hope I achieved? :) Oh by the way, take note of the last few photos.
my shampoo commercial shot
my "Ohmahgawd I'm so tired from all the running and laughing" shot
My "diva"/"I dont wanna deal with this anymore shot" HAHAHA

top and skirt: H&M || shoes: Privileged at Robinson's Dept Store (Feebee's) || cardigan: Forever 21 (borrowed from Heidi) || photos by Mithi

Hope you liked the outfit as much as I did! So far, I'm loving both my mixed prints outfits the most! :)

PS. I'm holding a CBTL flier Heidi gave me. Kinda looks like a clutch, right? I have a bad habit of holding things I shouldn't while taking photos. My friend Ayessa, who's really OC, is really particular about that whenever she takes my photos.


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  1. I like your outfit.
    Feeling ko naman achieve na achieve mo yung kay rachel bilson ang peg.haha
    And I love it even more 'coz you had an all black outfit. classy! :)

    -xoxo, FRANCES

  2. I like your outfit! :))) tugma rn yung outfit niyo sa pedestrian lane, sripe din.. :D

    1. Haha oo nga, sadya? haha thanks em :)

  3. You look like you had a bunch of fun in your photos and I think they came out great. I really like your outfit, i think the mixing of prints looks great and I like the way you did it and I think you did Rachel Bilson well! :)




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