Shop in Spotlight: Freestyle Necklaces


I found about this shop because of Mandi Garcia's post wherein she wore this awesome Deathly Hallows necklace. I immediately fell in love with their quirky necklaces. I was so happy that they agreed to sponsor my blog giveaway! So, anyway, here's what happened during the interview.

Micro trend: YSL Arty inspired rings


Almost everyone loves these rings as much as I do! I've been spotting them on almost every famous Filipino fashion blogger I follow!

Laureen Uy wears one from Extremefinds on Cape Town

Camille Co wears a real limited edition one in Tweed

Cheyser wears one from ROMWE in Sequins and Studs

Kryz Uy in one from WAGW in You can bet

See? :)

Well, good news! My online shop StyledUP is selling YSL Arty-inspired rings!
I have 1 more in red, 2 more in turquoise and 3 in black!

Visit my Multiply page and Facebook page now!

(photos from their respective blogs)

Wildfox Couture Spring 2012


Ever since Aidx showed me his peg for the Pickled and Peppered Young Blood shoot (By the way, billboard's out! See it at Gaisano Mall--going up the car park), I have been obsessed with Wildfox Couture. Their shoots are so creatively styled and fun! Plus, the videos are wild! I wanna style for a shoot like that someday.

Anyway, here are a few photos of Wildfox Couture's Spring 2012 collection. Believe me when I say I literally had to stop myself from screenshot-ing everything! (Yep, these pictures are just screenshots from the website)

Theme for Spring 2012: Wild, Wild West!

A New Diva is coming to Town!

Went to have lunch with my dad one day in Gaisano Mall when I passed by this sign!
I knew what it meant so I went GAGA!

I am so excited that Love Diva will be opening a branch in Davao!

For those of you who don't know, they are an accessory brand from Australia, touted to be Accessorize's "younger sister".

I don't know exactly when Love Diva will open but mean time, visit their website here.
And like Love Diva Philippines on Facebook.


Was supposed to go to the gym yesterday but had to pick my sister up at school and accompany her home cause she was sick. Since I blessedly had nothing much to do, I went to look for plussized clothing. Here are some of my favorites:

It would be perfect with my basic black tees.

Leyende Giveaway Winner!


So, I just sent the prizes of Hazel and Aine today (they won my Accessory giveaway). I've sent everything else, I believe! Venos, I still owe you yours. My friend is working on getting the Lory's hair cream still. :) Sooo, the Leyende giveaway commences my 12 days of (late) Christmas giveaway. Sorry for so much delays!

Eloesita Valderama!

Congratulations to ALL my winners! and thank you for following my blog :)

Shop in Spotlight: Pirouette


I just posted the winners of the accessory giveaway. I was supposed to mail the prizes today but the courier ran out of pouches! FAIL. :(

So anyway, here's a little background on one of the shops who sponsored my giveaway: PIROUETTE.

Pirouette is owned by Michelle Achacoso. She named her shop Pirouette after the ballet term meaning to spin or to twirl. She says "My favorite thing to create have always been tutus. One day (after weeks of still not having come up with a name), a friend of mine wore one of my creations and started twirling around with glee! Thats when I thought that PIROUETTE was the perfect name for my shop. It gives off a feeling of whimsy and playfulness, which embodies the pieces that I hand-pick, create and sell."

Pirouette's been doing good, they even got featured in Meg magazine's December 2011 issue! Awesome! :-)

Anyway, see the rest of my interview with Acha here:

Winners for Day 11 and 12 Giveaway!


Was finally able to finish auditing this giveaway because I got a tweet asking when I'd post the winners. Nahiya naman ako. It's almost a month since the giveaway ended and wala pang winners. So sorry guys!

Anyway, got to finish all my school work for the week (ie lab reports and the like), so I did this :)
I owe you guys only one more giveaway--the Leyende one.
and the winners are...

Stylish Saturdays: Carolina Engman


Hi everyone! Happy Saturday! :)

Thank you for the feedback in my last entry. After I published that blog post, a lot more tips and idea sprang into mind so I'll share them as soon as I can.

Right now I'll be adding a new section in my blog: Stylish Saturdays.
It'll be kind of like my inspiration board in fashion. So expect fashion bloggers, mood boards, collections and the like.

For this first edition of Stylish Saturday, I'll be sharing to you my favorite international style blogger Carolina Engman of

EDGE OF SEVENTEEN: A Photography Exhibit


Hi guys!

I am inviting you all to Edge of Seventeen: a photography exhibit by my talented friend Aidx Paredes.

Aidx is the talented boy (not yet a man) behind the blog Young Blood, and the talented lens man behind Pickled and Peppered's new campaign which he named after his blog.

Where: Lions Reggae Bar and Plates
Juan Luna St., Davao City
When: January 27, 2012 at 7pm
For inquiries, contact 09157930390

Let's support Aidx! :)


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