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I found about this shop because of Mandi Garcia's post wherein she wore this awesome Deathly Hallows necklace. I immediately fell in love with their quirky necklaces. I was so happy that they agreed to sponsor my blog giveaway! So, anyway, here's what happened during the interview.

TSR: Why did you name your shop that? 
FS: It was an obvious choice, we want our necklaces to be fun, flexible and promote individuality, hence being free of style, freestyle.

TSR: When and why did you start your shop?
We started Freestyle Necklaces back in August of 2009.

TSR:  How was it like the few months you started your shop?
FS: The business was shaky, we didn't have a business model, our products are not in top quality, and the brand wasn't known yet, but luckily because of our unique designs and support from friends we survived that stage. 

TSR: Describe your shop. Describe to who your shop caters to. 
FS: It's hard to pinpoint and describe who our customers are, they vary depending on our designs. Some designs are loved by young at hearts and kids, some by guys, some by boyish girls, and other designs by fashion enthusiasts. We just make sure we produce designs that we like, and hopefully a good amount of customers will like it too. However, in terms of market, we're quite sure that we cater to girls who are in highschool to college.

TSR:  What is your best seller? What item do people often request for?
FS: Before the Harry Potter set our best sellers were the mini cassette tapes and the statement designs (OMG, FML, FTW, WTF, TUS) About requesting, a lot request for it, but we believe that limiting some designs and not overselling them has its advantages. We want our customers to feel a little bit special by being one of the few who has it.

TSR: What is your favorite item among all the items you sell?
Marvin: Being a guy, I'd say I really like the army man necklace, if not that I'll probably go with the cassette tapes (since I put into great effort in making them. haha!)

Claudine: I like the cassette and the poker chip necklaces.

TSR: What do you love about having an online shop?
FS: Besides being cheap, what we love about it is we can interact with everyone. We had customers from Visayas and Mindanao, and we're really surprised on how they found us, and we're glad that they ordered from us. 

TSR: Any advice for new shop owners?
FS: If you really want to own a shop, do it. Nothing stops you from being successful on something if you're passionate about it. But of course do some research too, since the online market is really full of shops now, you have to know how to stand out. Do not make the mistake of being just another online shop.

Thank you Marvin and Claudine!
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    1. ME TOO!! haha. I dont know if they still have them though! Try visiting their facebook page :)



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