Giveaway Winners: Day 4 and 5!


I know this is all you've been waiting for! Sorry for the delay! Really, really, really ultra mega sorry! *sad face* I had these giveaways stored in our computer for a few days already cause I wanted to announce all the winners in one post, but our computer broke down a couple of days ago. I thought all the files would be erased! Huge sigh of relief when I turned on the computer and everything was there. That incident forced me to post it ASAP cause I didn't want to have to audit entries again. Plus, people have been tweeting me when I'd release the giveaway winners. Patience guys, patience.

Anyway, here are the winners for Day 4 (Asian Vogue) and Day 5&6 (Anagon x StyledUP x Plethora). Will try to finish auditing Days 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11&12 tomorrow! Well anyway, before I head off to get ready for the Bloggers' Soiree, I'll leave you with two giveaway winners for the mean time.

Day 4: TSR x Asian Vogue

Luningning Arabiran

Day 5&6: TSR x StyledUP x Anagon x Plethora

Krshna Perez

Will be emailing you soon!


  1. I am happy for those who win <3

  2. Congrats winners, I hope I win the remaining days :)

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