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Posting the giveaway for Day 9 before Day 7 and 8 because I want to combine my Leyende review & the winner of the giveaway as well the SOUL Bloggers' Soiree post + giveaway winner announcement. :)

RP Online Shop started in 2007 and was named "Rakistang Pinkista", during Gia Santos' second year in high school. She started out selling her old clothes. Later on, as she moved to college, she decided to reopen her shop and gave it a more posh name. Thus, RP Online Shop was born.

I did a little interview with Gia about her shop:

 1) How was it like the few months you started your shop?

It was pretty good actually. It was amazing how people started ordering immediately and only few had doubts. People were very trusting and it made me feel giddy and motivated to see that they were happy and contented with their purchases.

2) Describe your shop. (Describe to who your shop caters to. Young at heart, posh stylistas, glam girls, modern working woman, etc)

Our shop caters mostly to individuals who want to express their styles with modern ensembles and unique fashion pieces. We offer a wide variety of clothes, bags, and accessories (shoes coming soon!), so whether you're in the mood for something vintage, glam, gothic, laidback, feminine, elegant, playful, or something else, we're pretty sure you'll find the perfect piece at RP Online Shop. (We're currently working on our new website, thus expect more new products soon) :)

3) What is your best seller? What item do people often request for?

We have a lot of "best sellers". Mostly they are vintage-looking dresses & bags. :)

4) What is your favorite item among all the items you sell?

I have a lot, really! Haha. But here are two of my recent top picks

 (I'm the one on the left)

I just love that white lace mini tube dress (DR-12722500) and vintage satchel bag (BA-35140918). :)

5) What do you love about having an online shop?

The fact that I get to pursue two of my innermost passions at the same time - business and fashion. :)

6) Any advice for new shop owners?

Don't be afraid to take risks! Aim high, but make sure to always keep your feet grounded. :)

Gia is so inspiring to have started chasing her passions at such a young age! And I can totally relate to the business + fashion thing. I love her answer. Simple, yet to the point.

RP Online Shop's site is under construction. I have yet to show you my top picks! :(

Anyway, on to the announcement of winners!

Lovely Joy Merced!

I shall be e-mailing you soon!

Thank you Gia for sponsoring my giveaway and thank you all for being so patient with the announcement of winners. 

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  1. Thanks so much Ms. Farrah!!! My first time to shop online! Yay , Im so happy :)!



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