Friday the 13th


Friday the 13th always has a bad connotation. I never really believed in it because I don't think I've ever had a crappy Friday the 13th anyway. Just wanted to share my day with you all because today was quite far from crappy.

Some reasons why the first Friday the 13th (there are 3 in 2012!) was awesome:

1) Chris Tiu in the same resto we ate in

He was the object of my teenage fantasies.

Now that I'm older, I thought I surrendered him to the younger generation, but when my dad murmured "Hey, it's Chris Tiu", I literally dropped my fork. Why? Why does he still have that effect on me? (Dramatic lang) I didn't even know he would be in Davao, and wow! What are the odds he'd be dining in the same resto we'd be dining in? Definitely a sweet surprise!

Didn't take a photo of him though. That is soooo first year college. hahaha (Hi Mit, Jane, J6, Heidi)

2) Got 2nd highest in our Sociology exam

I was even worried about not passing, cause I wasn't able to really truly study the way I envisioned myself to study, so yaaay! Praise God! Kind of an FML moment there though, cause the highest was given a prize from Thailand/Singapore by our teacher from his recent jaunt there.

3) New Vampire Diaries episode. 'Nuff said.

Haven't watched it yet though. My dad and I bond over this show! So cute when I tell him that I have a new episode and he says "I wanna watch!"

Other random tidbits I wanna share:

1) I got a new domain!

I wouldn't have done it without the help of my (less than a week old) lover Mia of!
We both got domains yesterday on a whim. Why? Because we got jealous of Aidx. I know, we are so random. So, hooray for one wish off my Techie Wishlist!

Love you Mia <3

2) Dreams do come true!

Just realized that in two consecutive days, 2 dreams of mine came true. One is that I finally got published on a legit website (Read here) and two, I got my domain. #cheapthrills

3) I have a new winner for the Dress Diaries giveaway

The winner did not email me back in the 2 days allotted so I picked a new winner awhile ago..

and my heart stood still when I saw that the winner was my friend
Wow! How lucky is that! (I don't have to spend for shipping. hihi *evil grin*)

So, congrats Kweshie!

Have an awesome weekend ahead of you!


  1. hahaha! so awesome!!! I want a DOMAIN too!

  2. Just stopping by:) A SOUL LIFESTYLE at HEART Momma:) Congrats on your dreams and the exam being second highest!:)

  3. @Kwesh: Go na! Its sulit, $10/year, roughly 440php :)

    @Momma Yen: Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. Hello Farrah, new follower here! I'm from davao lang din :D It's cool having your own domain :)



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