Hangover: SOUL Lifestyle's 1st Bloggers' Soiree (+SOUL giveaway winners)


Finally found the time to post about my take on the Bloggers' Soiree.
Read on!

All heels led to Maitre Chocolatier in Abreeza

Gorgeous place set with Blogger Xclusive coupons created by Mimi, cupcakes from Miss Vanilla and a gift from Artisan Designs

Artisan Design's gift upclose. Love how it adhered to our whole black and pink theme!

SOUL Lifestyle press kit, lovingly created by Mimi

Fashion bloggers: They're stylish, in heels and their DSLRs are a permanent fixture!

Cheys taking photos

Steph and Kweshie introducing themselves

and on to everyone's fave part: FOOD! 
Mimi ordered so much! I swear, you will never be able to successfully diet if you hang out with her and Jun! We're always eating! That day, it was no fail!

chocolate fondue


sausage with chocolate drizzle


Cheyser talking.

She talked about her SOUL Lifestyle experience as well as gave some tips on blogging--like the best time to post a lookbook look to maximize hypes! Wow, there's like that?

Goodie bags!

Our chat was cut short because we were getting late for the Styling Challenge at the store! But first, we took photos before leaving!

A photo with everyone in it! :)

Mia and Aidx outside Chocolatier.
Frenemies turned lovers?? haha

Aidx and Kyrie. Aidx, tons of girls ah!

When we got to the store, a few of Cheyser's readers were already there, waiting! I was really touched and inspired when I saw her impact on them.

Cheyser with Nikka, one of her readers who won her Runway VIP pass giveaway

Bloggers had their game faces while picking out clothes for the styling challenge.

The styling challenge peg: Their own interpretation of TWR.
Thestyling challenge was supposed to be only 30 minutes long but apparently, that wasn't enough! We gave them a 15 minute extension, and here is the final output:

Look 1: Lace-y Daisy by Gail and Kweshie
(By the way, just made the name up)

I super love this look on Gail. It was an amazing mix of textures, but it looked cohesive. I love it cause it's dainty yet glam!

Nice, their outfits coordinated! :)

Look #2: Tangerine breeze by Steph and Kyrie
(again, I made the name up)

Love the whole look on Kyrie! The colors looked good together and on her skin. I love that they styled a whole outfit--with the bag, necklaces, etc--because if you look at the mannequins at SOUL, that's precisely what they do.

Look #3: Glambition by Wilson, Pat and Mia

I love the whole glam feel of the outfit! From the accessories, to the bag and the black and pink. They explained it was their take on color blocking, but with neutrals. The overall look was great and chic! It kind of reminded me of Michael Jackson with the white blazer.

And the winner of the styling challenge was Steph and Kyrie! They won GC's from SOUL and their look will be displayed in the window of SOUL Abreeza :)

Photo from Pat.
Forgive me Steph, but it was so nice to see you not dainty and proper for a change.

With about half of everyone who came! Special shout out to Glaiza, who came from GenSan to be with us (She's the one in the leopard dress)

The night ended with a fashion show featuring Davao's Elite Fashion group, featuring their own collections as well as clothes from local retail clothing stores styled by them. SOUL participated, and their collection was styled by Popoy Barba. Here's Mimi, down the runway with models wearing SOUL.

It's Thursday, a good 5 days after the soiree, yet I'm still hungover. All the sacrifices, hard work and effort paid off! I'm so glad the bloggers enjoyed and that we call got along well. I'm so glad that the readers also enjoyed. Read a few posts from Jeff Pasagui and Glaiza, to name a few, who wrote enjoyed.

Thank you to Mimi and Jun who gave me this chance to show what I can do (mehganon?) and for entrusting this job to me. I realized that this job is truly a training ground for what I want to do in the future: event planning, styling, etc.

 To the bloggers who all showed up despite multiple changes in schedule: Steph, Gail, KweshieWilson, Pat and Kyrie. Thank you to Mia, my newest bff, who came all the way from CDO. *pout* 

Thank you Aidx and James for documenting the event.
Thank you to Cheys for being an artista! Haha. Kidding.
To everyone who came, thank you!

And thank you so much to the sponsors:

*Ms. Joanna Yamuta of Green Options
2/F Fashion Walk, Gaisano Mall of Davao

*Ms. Romillie Lu of ExtremeFinds Davao

*Ms. April San Pedro of Artisan Design Studio


*Ms. Sandy San Pedro of Miss Vanilla Patisserie

Lastly, thank you also to my Lord, for the strength and courage for the times I wanted to give up. Thank you for the strength to continue on.

(Photos from SOUL Lifestyle, Pat Bacaltos, Aidx Paredes, Gail Royeca, Cheyser Pedregosa and Steph Chu)

Anyway, here are the winners of the SOUL x TSR blog giveaway! I had 660 entries for this! Wow, y'all must like the bag! Anyway, thank you for joining!

Elaine dela Pena!



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