Was supposed to go to the gym yesterday but had to pick my sister up at school and accompany her home cause she was sick. Since I blessedly had nothing much to do, I went to look for plussized clothing. Here are some of my favorites:

It would be perfect with my basic black tees.

Same reason as above--dress up my basics

I've always wanted a shirt with a flag on it!

cause I am still hung over metallics

-same reason above :)

a nude blazer is a MUST! Dunno if I have any other bottom (aside from jeans, bless my soul) to pair it with though

-a la Carolina Engman <3

I don't know if it's usually like this but has a promo right now wherein they give free shipping to orders $50 and above!

-I've always wanted a champagne colored top! Sucks that they don't ship to the Philippines right now! :(

Aside from the sale, Dorothy Perkins has a limited 25% off promo for students!
Shop, shop!!

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