12 Days of Christmas Giveaway: Day 1 **CLOSED**


My giveaway officially starts today!

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On the first day of Christmas, Farrah gave to me...

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!


Even though I've had my rough times, I'm still pretty grateful for this year. 

In a nutshell, I've had a few unforgettable moments this year:
 I partied on New Year with my cousins (a first!), I joined an org. A tough decision to make and accept, I switched schools. I started blogging again. I had my first giveaway. I met a lot of new people cause I joined the Davao Bloggers group. I got reunited with my best friend from pre-school, Ayessa. I opened my online shop. I got a job doing what I love. A few days ago, bagged an internship over at CollegeFashionista (hope you guys get to read my posts early next year!) and after 12 years in the States, my grandmother is back in the Philippines!

Don Beppe


As I've said from my post on The Peak, I'll be writing more about Don Beppe in another post and..here it is! :)

My mom's friend told her that Don Beppe has the best pizza and pasta that she has tasted ever, so my mom put it on our must-try places. A few nights ago, when they picked my sister up from Tae kwon do at the Bonifacio area (Don Beppe's old location), they found out Don Beppe has moved to The Peak at G-Mall. 

Shop in Spotlight: Plethora Shop

Plethora (n) - overabundance

That is what Christine Banayat of Plethora Shop had in mind when she chose to name her shop that. Besides, it's memorable, don't you agree? Say it. Plethora. Plethora. Plethora.

Plethora Shop was started in 2008 because nursing jobs were hard to come by and Christine wanted to be financially independent from her parents. She decided to relive her love for fashion and started her small business. Like any other business starting out, the first few months were hard because there was a lot of competition. Christine had to learn how to present her products well. Plus, sometimes there would be problems with other circumstances, like with the courier. But, at the end of the day, she learned how to deal with all of these for the love of the business.

She says having an online shop is one of the best things that happened to her. Aside from the other reasons mentioned above, she loves having her online shop since she gets to do the things she loves--fashion and photography. 

Plethora Shop sells vintage pieces. They cater to budget-savvy, confident girls that are tough on the inside. They have dainty chiffon and lace pieces which can be paired with animal prints and leather. Her regular clients usually request vintage dresses, sheer tops and cardigans--those are her best sellers. However, Christine has her share of "treasures"--her most favorite pieces! They even have their own place on her blog! (See them here)

Lastly, to new shop owners, Christine shares her favorite Steve Jobs quote:
Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

"Never settle for anything, always improve yourself and your store, if you're not selling retake photos of your products, reinvent your site, add as many contacts as you can! Learn from your mistakes, Learn form others mistakes. Do some research, just never give up, If you're passionate about something just continue and never worry or be scared :)"

Thank you Christine! I was truly inspired! :)

Visit Plethora Shop on Multiply here.
Add them up on Facebook
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Check out their blog

**By the way, if you've seen my You've Got Mail post, you'd see that Plethora is a sponsor on my upcoming giveaway! Don't forget to like/follow them! :)

Christmas Style Inspiration: Serena van der Woodsen in Paris

Christmas is coming! (Only 27 days til Christmas!)
But, don't know what to wear for Christmas yet? Take a cue from your favorite It Girl's fashion in Paris!

Serena van der Woodsen, the 'It Girl' in the fictional Upper East Side scene lends us some inspiration on what to wear for Christmas.

Look #1: Metallics

Paired with electric blue pants, the metallic blazer can take you from day to night, work to parties.

Christmas Bazaar


After going to The Peak yesterday, we headed off to the bazaar at Davao Convention Center upon the insistence of  my sister Feebee. (By the way, she has a blog so please click the link and check her random 13 year old musings out) Here are some random photos I took.

Because of the cayenne, Chubby posed like the jalapeno from Plants vs Zombies. Think he got the look down pat, right?

The Peak

Remember the scene in the movie "Friends with Benefits" wherein Mila Kunis shows Justin Timberlake where her secret sanctuary is---the topmost floor of a building? Well, Davaoenos can recreate the feeling now--and with a better view.

Located on the rooftop of Gaisano Mall, The Peak is the next place to be.

You've Got Mail!

Just got home from Saturday class and found 3 packages waiting for me!

I love packages! It's starting to feel like Christmas already :)

Shop in Spotlight: Anagon Collection


Anagon Collection is an online shop owned by Ana Gonzales of The Fashionista Commuter. It formally opened in December 2005 but before that Anagon, as everyone now refers to her, liked selling stuff back in college. She tells me she even sold tie-dyed sandos and beaded slippers! But then, her friend suggested she sell accessories so it's easier to bring. Since Anagon loves crafts, she tried her hand at accessory making. And thus came Anagon! :)

The story behind the name Anagon Collection is quite funny. She said because her classmates were so used to selling her things, one day, a makulit classmate of hers would tease her "O, ayan na si Anagon Collection!", and the name stuck.

Like every other business starting out, Anagon recounts that the first few months that she opened her online shop, she had to learn the ropes. "Everything was experimental", she says. But because of love for the craft, she pursued and slowly, everything is paying off. She gets featured in a lot of publications, like PhilStar, Candy Mag, and even Business World! But more than the recognition she gets, she says meeting new people, the feeling that she was able to create something that people will love and actually earning from it is something that Ana loves about having her own business.

Anagon Collection sells accessories which caters to the modern day flower children who love accessorizing, don't want to spend a lot and still look hip (that would explain the logo then :P). Right now, their best-selling items are the wire accessories because they're unique. People have been clamoring for the personalized wire key chains, which are ideal to give out for Christmas, though Ana's personal fave is the gold wired headband, which you can wear to holiday parties.

Wire Connector Rings (Customized) image 1Wire Keychains (Customized) image 1Wire Heads image 1

Ana's advice to new shop owners:
Find your niche, and don't rely on fads. Not saying you don't follow them, but create something that will make you standout.

Thank you Ana for the time. :)

Follow her at The Fashionista Commuter.
Like Anagon Collection on Facebook here.
Check out their website here.

**Shop in Spotlight is a new section on my blog. It's where I feature shops that have tickled my fancy. :)

Davao Pride: Junnie Artajo


With his model, Jun Artajo stands proud in the 49th Japan Fashion Design Contest in Tokyo last October; his design and creation called Dreamweaver won 2nd place.
photo from here

Junnie Artajo was my fashion design teacher when I took a short course in Fashion Design at FIDA last summer. He is 2 years older than me, quiet, soft-spoken but definitely has a passion for fashion.

He recently made the Philippines and Davao proud by winning second place at the Japan Fashion Design Contest last October. His design called Dreamweaver took two days to design and 30 days to make. It was made of abaca twine.

Read more about it here.

Sir, if you get to read this, congratulations! I know this is just the beginning of better things for you! :)

BenMore Scotch Whisky VIP Dinner

Some pictures from the event I attended last Saturday. Sorry haven't been able to blog much. I was busy working on my giveaway, which I'm VERY excited for you guys to know about! :)

So, me and a few other Davao Bloggers attended the VIP Dinner for Benmore Scotch and Whisky at Alor's  Home Kitchen in F. Torres Street with Benmore's endorser, the hunky Borgy Manotoc. Georgina Wilson was also scheduled to come but couldn't cause she had another event to attend to in Cebu. (sad face) I'm obviously a Georgie, aren't I? (Georgina Wilson's fans call themselves that--Georgies. hahaha)

Wishlist Wednesday: Book Edition

This Christmas, all I want are books, books, books.

Waking up this morning to the cold wind reminded me of waking up late during Christmas vacation, a book in hand. Good old days :)

1. Bobbie Brown Make-up Manual

image source
It may be the most complete and illustrated make-up guide I have seen yet. It's available in National Book Store Abreeza at 795php for the soft bound copy. The hard bound one is 1600php.

2. Secrets of Stylists by Sasha Morrison

photo credit

It is also available at National Bookstore Abreeza or G-mall. I've read bits of it and I want to read it whole! They should make a Philippine version of this, written by Liz Uy. I wonder what it would contain.

3. Sweet Valley Confidential

photo credit

Aaah. Blast from the past.
Memories of summers spent devouring book after book.

What happens to Elizabeth and Jessica 10 years after?
Well, I already know. I was too excited to find out that while I was at the book store, I immediately jumped to the end. I still want to know how and why it happened though so pleeeease give me this book. I will love you forever! :)

Elle and Dakota Fanning on the cover of W December


Dakota Elle Fanning Wcess-elle-dakota-fanning-cover-story-03-vcess-elle-dakota-fanning-cover-story-05-v

(photos: fashionista.com)

Styled by Lori Goldstein
shot by Mario Sorrenti


Plus, I love the clothes, photography and styling. Lori Goldstein really is the best.
Really a bang for December.
Must get a copy ASAP!

First Day High


Someone's excited to be back in school! :)

1 My notebook, geom book, math notebook and planner
2 Hardcover notebook. Kind of regretting it now cause I have to carry it everyday, everywhere
3 I have readings already in Socio
4 Our first lesson: solutions. Back to first year!

Banana Beach Photo Diary


From L-R
on Feebee: blue cropped top- Oxygen
on Felicia: blue top- Bayo
on me: gray dress- Topshop, scarf used as vest- SOUL Lifestyle

We went to Banana Beach last Sunday for my cousin Iago's 5th birthday. We had always planned to go to Banana Beach but it never pushed through til recently. I really loved the place! The party/lunch was held at Lanikai, a two-storey house which was so homey, it felt like you were at an old house's lanai (receiving area).

Afterwards, we took a tour of the plantation. The younger kids got on the e-walk, or elevated walk which led to the "jungle" part. We rode the van to check out The Spot, which features the beach as well as the infinity pool.

1-7 Lanikai
8 View of the beach outside Lanikai
9 Inside Lanikai
10 Feebee enjoying the welcome drink, near the pool
11 Chubby didn't miss a beat! He went swimming right away!
12 Feebee going on the e-walk
13-14 The "jungle" part
15-16 View on the way to The Spot, perfect for a wedding!
17-20 The Spot
21 Back at Lanikai for merienda. Iago's birthday theme was Ben10
22-23 By the pool at Lanikai
24-25 By the beach at Lanikai

Banana Beach is the only beach in the world located inside a banana plantation. It's about an hour's drive away from Davao.
Visit them at Brgy. Madaum, Tagum City
Contact Number: (+6384) 400-3358
Like their Facebook page here


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