Christmas Bazaar


After going to The Peak yesterday, we headed off to the bazaar at Davao Convention Center upon the insistence of  my sister Feebee. (By the way, she has a blog so please click the link and check her random 13 year old musings out) Here are some random photos I took.

Because of the cayenne, Chubby posed like the jalapeno from Plants vs Zombies. Think he got the look down pat, right?

Seems like jalapenos were the theme for that night.

Woven bags. 
We usually take these crafts for granted cause we see them everywhere but elsewhere, people pay big money for this.
Love your own. :)

Artisan sells the cutest necklaces, tags, and what not.

Aparche sells caramelized apples. When they saw me taking photos, they said jokingly "You have to buy".

Spotted! Si koya naka-Accessorize bag!

When the gay selling NYX saw me taking photos he also said jokingly, "You have to buy" and I protested, "But this is for my blog!", and he said "Okay, you can have one item for free then".
Me: Weeeh? 

Love that fringed vest. 

I had Feebee try on this studded faux-leather jacket. So Michael Jackson.

Love the geometric prints.

Stuff from my mom's 2 favorite shops: the bread place and the Indian place where she loves buying bangles.

Love the detail. It reminds me of paper quilling.
The cloth? Not so much.

Crochet top. Hope I was able to capture the textures well.


  1. We were there at the bazaar too! Only I took photos mostly of the nice Christmas stuff for sale. These photos were the ones I missed. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully makabalik pa tomorrow if may time pa.

  2. Im so jealous, haven't been to any bazaar yet!! Thanks for sharing :)



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