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A month delayed post. I didn't get around to posting this because we eat around a lot and I don't want you all to keep reading about my food adventures. when this is primarily a personal style/fashion blog. (Conscious, cause I think there was a time I had two consecutive food posts)

Anyway, last month, after the Blogger's Food Tasting, my mom and I stopped by a place called Leafy Green Things on the way home. I suggested it cause I knew my mom wanted to check out that place. She was such a trooper for accompanying me to the food tasting event.

I love the place. Located near Rego Pasta Express and Johnny's Cupcakes (or is it Jonathan's cupcakes?), it is a small an quiet place, a far cry from the noisy restos in the mall. Sometimes you just want to eat in peace, you know?

The salda preparation area was so cute with all the ingredients looking so colorful and organized. Sorry for the blurry photos. My camera's battery ran out at the event so I was forced to use my phone.

My mom ordered a Caesar's salad and avocado shake.

Too cute, right? :) Hi mom!

Well, I normally do not eat salad but I took a little nibble out of my mom's salad and it was delicious! It was well-blended. Even my mom said their salad is comparable to my grandma's Caesar salad...and my grandma makes the best salad! However, the leaves tasted quite old :(

Probably because they are stored there. But the case looks pretty cool, right? :)
Different kinds of leaves stored in there--arugula, lettuce, romaine lettuce, etc.

Leafy Green Things is located at R3 Valencia Corp Center, Arellano St. Davao City
Contact Numbers: 304-7346 or 0933-5497341

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  1. I didn't know that avocado-milkshake there , it must be delicious !




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