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Last October 5, I was invited to attend a food tasting event at the Davao Royale House Travel Inn and Suites, located at CM Recto Street. It was the second bloggers event I participated in since I joined the Davao Bloggers group. The food tasting was held in One10FM bar (I thought it was a radio station at first!), which is a pretty cool place to hold a party. Too bad I didn’t take pictures of the place!

We were invited to try 20 different kinds of donburi dishes. Having been exposed to a lot of Japanese food lately, when I first heard this, I thought, “20?! How many ways can the Japanese cook chicken, pork, beef or fish that I do not know of already?” Apparently though, their donburi was the rawest sense of the word donburi, meaning rice bowl or what we know as rice toppings.


Some of the dishes served were teriyaki (chicken, beef and pork), which were good, since they ran out the fastest, and favorite Filipino fare such as beef steak, picadillo, kambing, cream dory, pork adobo and shawarma. Each dish came with a spicy side dish, its unifying factor, which if I heard correct, was made of cucumber. The adobo was quite bland, and did not go well with the side dish. On the other hand, the shawarma was too flavorful for my taste but complemented the side dish quite nicely. After a while though, the dishes end up tasting the same, leaving a quite unpleasant aftertaste (nakakaumay).

burger steak

chicken teriyaki

If you are not too particular about taste and are just looking to satisfy your hunger, this place offers a good deal at PHP70-80 for a large sized bowl. Believe me when I say your hunger will be satisfied. I only stayed long enough to try out about 10 dishes and even if I just had a few spoonfuls from each, I left the place satiated! By the way, I say not very particular with taste since I am a very picky eater. If you are like me, who is picky, and just happen to get to eat here, I say go for the chicken teriyaki bowl.

Thank you to ate Karla Singson for inviting me.

The Davao Royale Inn and Suites is located a 34 CM Recto St, Davao City
Contact number: 227-3630
Like their facebook page for updates. They have an ongoing contest wherein they draw random likers of their page to win gift certificates for lunch for 2.

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