Mega launches


Mega Magazine finally launched, its online home. As someone who regularly reads Mega, as well as subscribes to updates from fashion blogs, jives both seamlessly. I'll share to you some things that I love about the website:

1. Wardrobe

With sites like and Chictopia gaining more and more popular each day, you could say chronicling of what you wore has reached an all-time high. Who are the Mega editors to be exempt? This section serves as my guilty pleasure. It makes it more fun to imagine working at Mega when you see your "future colleagues" stylishly dressed.

2. Past Mega Covers

If you have been in the business (as well as a loyal reader of Mega as I have) as long as Mega has, you wax poetic and recall the old covers. It's great to see how much Mega has evolved to being the leading fashion magazine in the industry today. (BTW, I was once in a photo on Mega for a feature they did on an Oshkosh fashion show I joined. Oshkosh? Talk about long ago!)

3. Magazine

Well, as a college student, I try to save as much as I can. I try as much as possible to pick nice issues that I will read from cover to cover. Sometimes, the captions on the cover do not entice me as much, or they give a lesser than expected content inside. This is where the magazine feature comes in. It provides a peek into what's in on the newest issue.

By the way, you can also read Mega online. They have an e-zine up on the website!

Mega will be formally launching on Tuesday, October 18, 2011.
Visit their website now! :)

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