October Highs


This October was filled with tons of great moments. And because I'm in such a great and positive mood, I'd love to share the good vibes in my life.

I think I wrote about a lot of the earlier ones--blogger food tasting, cousin bonding, red velvet bonding and finally getting my red trench. I haven't gotten around to wearing it yet though. It's been so HOT in Davao! So much for being a -BER month!

By the way, I changed my blog name for like, a couple of days but then I noticed I still got  lot of hits on LVL, so I decided to keep the blog name. Darn! I really wanted to go with The Style Reactor. Haven't seen a blog named that yet, and like I said, I think it goes pretty well with my Chemical Engineering background. Ooh.

So, let's start yeah?

Meet my new baby.
My dad got it for me at Dorothy Perkins. I love it cause it's a satchel and I've always wanted one. So it's great that they are in again--more to choose from. I also love the fact that it's blue and brown--I can pair it with both jeans and a khaki something. Can't wait to use my bag!

By the way, Dorothy Perkins in Abreeza is on sale! 50% off on a LOT of great items! Still lots of good stocks, unlike when I go to a DP sale in Manila. I think I tweeted about that one night and a lot of my friends went wild! They'll be on sale til November 13.

By the way, I will be blogging more about some of my favorite picks from Abreeza Mall. I just found so many nice stuff I want to share with you all! :)

Speaking of sales, don't expect one involving discounts. The only sale I'll be doing here is sales talk.

The reason why I have not been as industrious with posting, as compared to September (around 10 posts this month compared to about 20 in September). Just opened my online shop, StyledUP. We are both on Multiply and Facebook, so do add us up! I have always wanted to get into business but I was always scared. Dunno what made me decide to open one, but I'm glad I did. Praying for this one!

Hello sexy beasts!

As a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries (aside from Delena, don't you just love Tyler's biceps? Admit it, we also watch the show to see Tyler's biceps/abs right?), I was floored when I found out Bench got Michael Trevino as an endorser. Good for him (me, and us), it was for Bench Body. Ahh, can't wait to see Tyler's billboard up on EDSA. Someone say awooo! Hope he drops by the Philippines soon...

like our other sexy beast, Mario Maurer, who became a household name after his movie, A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, where he endeared us all with his portrayal as nice and popular soccer player P'Shone. Actually, it's the first time I saw this photo of him all greased up and hunky--he always looked so cute and innocent to me.

It was announced way back that Mario Maurer would be endorsing Penshoppe, but well, while we're on the subject of (hunky) foreign endorsers...

...here's proof we don't always need to get a foreign one.

Xian Lim. Oh dear, he never fails to elicit screams, squeals and shrieks of delight from me and my sisters every night. I mean, I never regularly watch telenovelas, but for him, for Andy, I do now. My close friends know I go weak for guys in suits, but whether he's in a suit or a plain tee, I still go weak for him! Every girl I know does!

But really, nothing made me happier than knowing I have friends I can truly count on.

Thank you kuya Allan. I may soon not remember what you did, but I really will always remember that you helped me when I was in a pinch. :'>

Hoped you got some positive notes out of this blog entry, even if a few of it were for really shallow reasons. Enjoy your Halloween!

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