So, remember how I said I was gonna try to post some outfit shots? (If not, read here) Well, here is one from waaaay back in March. It was my friend Mithi's 20th birthday, and we celebrated it in Gino's Pizza in Katipunan. Afterwards, we had dessert at Casa Xocolat. It was a chill night, a rare one where a few friends all get to dinner. If you're in college, you'd know sometimes it's so hard to catch up with your whole (high school) group! But this was really a nice occasion cause Lian, our friend from La Salle, came all the way to Katipunan to eat with us! If I remember correctly, it rained that night (which explains why my espadrilles are all icky). I really hate it when it rains hard and you have to walk out, don't you? To borrow a quote from a friend, the rain just rapes your flats!

 Anyway, rambling aside, here is what I wore that night:

photo by Mithi

I wore a thrifted vest from the UK (as in ukay), tank top from Greenhills, random jeans, silver leaf chain necklace (which is actually a belt I think) from my mom, hat from a bazaar and black and white striped espadrilles from Faridez. Faridez is a store in Gaisano Mall Davao, although a little visit to Google tells me they have branches in The Block at SM North Edsa as well.

I was inspired by Kate Moss' effortless style. It really is quite unfair how someone can look so polished and put together even though she looks as if she just threw on the first thing she saw. Well, I guess those are one of the perks of being a supermodel! Anyway, I wore this outfit to school beforehand and my friends from my org (I was still applying then!) teased me that I looked as if I was going to a party! Was I?

And they, as with almost all people I encounter who ask when I tell them I got this particular item of clothing from ukay, were also curious as to how much I got this vest. Aren't you?

I'll tell you! It's 80php
But that wasn't even my best bargain! 

That same night I bought the vest, I was able to get an original Max Mara dress which fit me perfectly for the same price! A dress that fit me at 80php would've been a great find already, but a branded one at that? Ridiculous, isn't it? :-)

You know what else was funny? My friend Heidi, Mithi and I (FHM) were together when we bought these ukay finds and then that night, Heidi also wore her ukay find! It was a skirt she wore as a tube dress, and it looked very Topshop-esque. It really is great when friends think alike, isn't it? :-)

How about you? What's your great ukay story? :)


  1. I would love to go try ukay someday. When I know where to find them. HIhihi! You look great babe! <3

  2. Aww thanks Genn! :'> if you chance upon an ukay, I say go straight right in! Who knows what you may find? The ukay we bought this vest from was a random place my friends and I decided to check out, and look what we got! :) You can also search for great ukay places online. There are actually blogs dedicated to it! Good luck! Hope to read about your ukay adventures soon! :)

    BTW, have you joined my giveaway yet? :)

  3. It's the vest from our random UK trip! :D
    Aww. I miss. I wanna go thrift shopping with you women again.

  4. I shall take you to Bankerohan if you want. haha. there are polos there as low as 2php! hahaha

  5. As low as P2.00? Seriously? That's insane, woman. Haha! Wow, you're an intense bargain hunter. XD



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