Get Out of that Shell!


I was browsing through some plus-size or fatsionista blogs today when I came upon Nadia Aboulhosn's blog via Plump. I fell in love with it! She just dresses so well and with so much confidence that I was inspired to step up, take courage and post some of my own outfit pictures as well. I have wanted to do so for the longest time (just ask my friends) but I always have reservations like, I have too few clothes, no money to buy clothes, and mostly because I am scared what others would say about me.

Yes, the usual problem fat people are plagued with: what others would say. It drives us to insecurity sometimes.

This is me, trying to break free from it all.
This is me, inspired to be creative and more adventurous with dressing.
This is me, no more excuses.

To start, I just wanted to show an old 'outfit' photo of mine. It was taken by my friend Mithi in UP before we left for Rockwell. My friends and I celebrated Valentine's Day there together. It's been going on for about 2 years now (last year, we went to Eastwood) and we made it a point to dress up.

My bottom of choice were jeans back then as I did not have the patience to try on dresses, shorts or skirts even. Jeans that fit were even hard enough to come by. I am wearing a Forever21+ top, random jeans, an overused cross necklace my mother gave me and black studded flats I got on sale for Php250 at a mall.

 My friends and I at Ice Cream Bar in Rockwell to cap off our night :-)

Suggestions on how to improve my wardrobe please? :)
Is it weird that I find it easier to style slim girls than to find something that suits me? I guess it's cause I've always thought of myself as normal despite the obvious. Now, I really have to face that truth head on.



  1. "This is me, inspired to be creative and more adventurous with dressing. This is me, no more excuses."
    So proud of you, love! :)

  2. i'm so proud of you girl!
    I suggest you wear a more silhouette clothes to look more slimmer. :)

    I'm a plus size girl also! :D

  3. @Heidi Woman, I still need a little pushing though! haha. thank you woman! let's continue being (or at least keep trying to be) fab! :P

    @lovefashionistaMD Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for following! I followed you as well! :) Will check your blog too from time to time, I loved that outfit post wherein you wore those pants that looked like a skirt! haha :)



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