Model I Love: Karlie Kloss


I was looking through Teen Vogue today. I don't know what happened but I guess I stayed too long on their site and kept clicking on links within the site that I stumbled upon Teen Vogue's interview with Karlie Kloss for her cover which was way back in April 2010. After reading it, I became more of a Karlie Kloss fan than I was before.It's so nice to hear that she is still grounded and not some stuck-up diva. Afterall, she does make a lot of money

It's hard to believe she's only 19 yet she has reached a SUPERMODEL status (Well, there's that 10-year old supermodel already but still). Designers are generous with their praise, saying they haven't seen such grace and poise since the supermodel era. Personally, I like her because not only is she pretty, she has an open (or what we call maamo) face that makes her look approachable. Not only that, she can morph into so many characters and transform into different looks.

Here are some of my favorite Karlie Kloss runway looks and spreads:

Karlie Kloss's Greatest Runway Hits
Calvin Klein Spring 08
She looks almost elfin here
Karlie Kloss's Greatest Runway Hits
Rodarte Fall 08

Karlie Kloss's Greatest Runway Hits
Gareth Pugh, Spring 09
She reminds me of Tilda Swinton as the Ice Queen in
Chronicles of Narnia here.
Her face is SEVERE!
Karlie Kloss's Greatest Runway Hits
Zac Posen, Fall 09
Karlie Kloss's Greatest Runway Hits
Alexander McQueen, Spring 2010
Karlie Kloss's Greatest Runway Hits
Chanel, Spring 10
Karlie Kloss's Greatest Runway Hits
Jason Wu, Fall 2010
She always closes for Jason Wu. She has closed for him four seasons straight as of  the April 2010 interview.

Karlie Kloss's Greatest Runway Hits
Oscar dela Renta, Fall 2010
Lending some glamour into that already elegant gown
Photos  from Teen Vogue

putting her dance training to good use

I'd post more, but you can just Google her. So, who else would you like to see on Model I love?
Let me know! Leave me a comment! :)

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