Favorites from the 2011 VMAs


I wasn't able to watch the VMAs because I woke up late and then missed the replay! Eep! I was able to follow it from updates on twitter though. Besides, I usually watch awards shows like these for the fashion. Anyway, thanks to the internet, I can still appreciate the outfits. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Beyonce Knowles


Aside from spawning multiple jokes like, "Beyonce's pregnant, it must be Destiny's Child!" or "Beyonce's married, therefore she's not a single lady!", everyone seemed genuinely happy (or jealous at the kid who has Beyonce carrying him/her in her womb) at the news of Beyonce's pregnancy. She just shone in this orange Lanvin dress, which complimented her bronze skin. Add to that the glow of her pregnancy, I think she was the biggest star of the night!

2. Zoe Saldana


Zoe Saldana has been on my fasyon people to watch ever since "Avatar". Her exotic beauty and great figure make her a designer favorite because she can carry any outfit with grace and poise. I love her in this dress by Barbara Bui. Her shoes are also by Bui, and her clutch is Lanvin.

3. Taylor Lautner


Taylor Lautner looks so *sigh* hot. I'm biased here. I'm a sucker for guys in jeans and a white tee.

4. Mika Newton's shoes


The Socialite Life got it right: Who cares what Mika Newton wore? Her shoes stole the show! :)

I wasn't really satisfied by what the celebs wore--prolly cause this is a music event and not a true blue red carpet fashion showcase, but oh well! Congrats to all the winners! :)


  1. oohhh taylor lautner looks better now :)

  2. ^yay! thank you for commenting! he does, doesn't he? :)



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