Grateful Sunday 2


I haven't been able to write an entry this week cause I've been so busy--catching up with friends, helping out and fixing my papers (why I'm here in Manila in the first place). So anyway, here is my list for the second part of Grateful Sunday.

1. Getting here (Manila) safely.


I chose the picture cause I rode Cebu Pacific. :)

I'm glad I got to Manila safely, and with good weather too! I just slept the whole time during the ride. It's a sort of guilty pleasure, just to be disconnected for a good 2 hours. I remember when I read The Devil Wears Prada, Andy Sachs loved when she had to go to Paris and be on the plane for 7 hours cause it meant Miranda Priestly couldn't reach her. Not that I'm escaping anyone, but that's how I felt.

2. 57 Awesome years for UP KEM

...and I'm glad just to be able to be a part of this.

3. Two of my happy/almost crushes said "hi" to me

and I'm like:

*says hi back shyly*

Although I wish I looked that way--poised and all cute. Sadly, I'm not as pretty or hot as Miranda Kerr. :))

I am grateful for this because I haven't had ang kilig moments in the LONGEST time. At least I know I'm still capable of feeling. HAHA.

4.  Dinner out with friends.


This is probably one of the things I miss most!

On Wednesday, I went out with Choli, Jaypee, Lalit and Gelo. We went to TechnoHub, had your normal dinner in KFC then went to Timezone.

On Thursday, I went out with Mithi, Dex and Jane to Trinoma. We tried this Chinese place--David's Tea House. The food was pretty good. Jane was so hungry she actually ordered a whole plate of battered chicken for herself! :P

I'm sad I didn't get to take photos. :(

5. Spending time with my friends.

I read in Purpose Driven Life that the best expression of love is time. Time is all I have right now, so while I'm here, I plan on spending as much of this time with my friends. I am glad I have this opportunity to give away some of myself to them. I may not remember most of what went on with my friends and I, what we did, but I will always remember how they made me feel. It stays with you. It lasts longer.

6. Spending an afternoon with my buddy.

me and Nezi

This is related to the above post. :)

This is Nezi. I dunno how we became friends, but she's one of the people dearest to me. I was happy that we were able to spend time together on Friday!
Nezi and KEM's VP for Membership, kuya Bemboy and I went to Taguig, then Ortigas and then back to UP. We picked up stuff for the NCEC. It was fun and tiring. While in traffic and in the MRT, we talked about the most random things! Mostly, it was kuya Bemboy giving a summary of his favorite romantic novels. HAHAHA. We were also pressed for time cause Nezi had a meeting at 5:30pm. Good thing we made it on time--but barely! HAHA.

7. Winning a game in Guess the Sketch

It's a Facebook game my sister introduced me to just last week. It's really addictive! It's kind of like Pictionary. Well, anyway, I won my first game yesterday!

8. Successful NCEC.

taken by Mia Pavia

That was the event yesterday. The NCEC is a two-day event. Day 1 is NaChES--a day of informative talks. Day 2 is Inter-U--the Chemical Engineering quiz show. 

Anyway, I was invited but I wasn't allowed to attend cause my aunt thought it wouldn't be safe. There's a typhoon (two, actually) and when I woke up, it was raining. I heard there was even a brownout at the event! Good thing despite that, the event was a success! There were over 400 participants from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao! And would you believe it's only the second year of the NaChES!  Bongga! :)

So happy and proud of everyone who worked hard for this!

9. Emotional maturity

I went back to Manila to get my transfer papers. A day after I arrived, I immediately went to the OUR to apply for my clearance.

Bad news: It would take 2 weeks (at most) to process my clearance, and in order to get a transcript, you need the clearance. Oh did I forget to mention I'm leaving in 2 weeks?

Good news: I did not cry.

I remember the last time I was there. My dad asked me to apply for a clearance already. I got a form, filled it up (actually, cried while filling it up), stood up and left. I didn't pass it. I was still hoping I'd get to continue in UP. Fast forward to two months later, there I was, minus the tears.

I dunno. I guess I'm proud of myself. I feel like a lot has changed since, and for that, I am grateful.

10. Finishing this blog entry

It's 2 am on a Sunday and I am already so sleepy! The internet stopped and I accidentally closed the window where I was typing! I had to retype everything again! :(

What are you grateful for?

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