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Last May 12-14 (I know, it's been about 3 months! Haha. But I didn't have this blog then), I took the Basic Makeup Workshop under Archie Tolentino, Chief Makeup Artist of Maybelline Philippines (He replaced Barbi Chan when she got married). It was from 9 am-4pm, and held at the Fashion Institute of Design and Arts, a fashion school here in Davao. I took the class because I wanted to learn how to apply (as my classmates in makeup class put it) LEGIT makeup.

On our first day, we had a whole day for lectures. Sir Archie taught us about face shapes, colors and other important stuff to have in mind when applying make up. He gave us a handy tip: whenever we go to the mall and people watch, we should analyze their face shapes, just to get the hang of it. Haha!

On the second day, which was what we all waited for, we were taught how to do eyebrows and apply bases (foundation, concealer), which are two of the most important tricks to master to achieve a great look. I volunteered to be the "model" for bases. (Sorry I didn't post any. All the photos I have are zoomed in. I don't want to scare my readers and potential readers!)

On the third day, we tackled blush, contouring, eyes and lips. Everyone was excited for the eye makeup lesson. Me included, because I find eye makeup really hard to do! Well anyway, here I am again, the prey for eye make up. haha. I have droopy/bedroom eyes so Sir Archie put make up on my eyes so that it would open.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
BEFORE. (goofy face!) (c. Gemma Herradura)

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AFTER. Winged eyeliner did the trick! I felt 10x more confident! :))

The third day was a really fun day cause my classmates and I got over our initial shyness. We all had lunch together at SM! It was really fun/weird cause there were 2 of us college girls, 2 working gals (yuppies?) and 2 moms in the group, walking around the mall, all fully made up!

Our culminating activity, which was like our final test, was to copy a look from the magazine we picked. My look was pretty basic, based from Rachel Weisz's Vogue cover.

Here are some other photos I took:
brushes galore!


Sir Archie's stash and supplies

I used the black and white setting on my camera because it takes low-res photos.
 (I really NEED a new camera!) I love the last shot. It looks old Hollywood glamour-inspired.
All of us! :) (c. Kara Balansag)

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