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Aside from food, I 'splurge' on beauty treatments when I'm stressed. It may be a haircut, a hot oil treatment, but most of the time, I have my nails done. It has become a bonding activity between me and my friends. In Manila, I usually go to Enza (Php250 mani-pedi, upgraded polish) or Nail Files (Php200 for a mani-pedi, not yet upgraded but they use Face Shop polishes which is good enough for me. FYI, their upgraded polish is China Glaze), both in Katipunan.

When I came home for the summer, I immediately asked my mom of any place here solely devoted to nail care, because last I heard, there wasn't any yet. I once had my nails done at a normal salon and I didn't like it. I was made to sit at the couch (which was meant for waiting, by the way) while hair dryers whizzed about me. So NOT relaxing.

Anyway, my mom said a few nail salons have opened in town. One time, I came with her when she went for a massage and beside her massage parlor was a nail salon! We checked the place out and it was a DREAM. <3

Dream Nails is located in the middle of the city, but it doesn't feel that way. Their windows are tinted so you can't see the inside (and perhaps to block the sun), but you can see the outside pretty clear. Well, I found that a plus because I like watching the world go by. I get sick just seeing the 4 corners of the shop for that 1 hour your nails get groomed.

The first thing you notice upon entering is the elevated long couch with the foot stool. But these foot stools cover the foot bath, which is a sink on the floor.

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Then, your eyes move to the collection of OPI polishes by the counter!! 
I'm glad they use OPI because I'm really particular to the polishes salons use, and I'm partial to OPI and Orly because not only do they come in a cute bottle, they are also safe on the fingernails.

 When I sat down, they offered juice, water or iced tea.
 I also liked the fact that they put a base coat and top coat on my nails, because this is a must-do, and a lot of salons neglect to do this. Needless to say, I don't return to salons who fail to do this. 

Rate:  and a half

Comments and Suggestions:
Wider nail polish selection. My cousin, who is also a fan of having her nails done said she too likes the service at Dream Nails, but in terms of nail polish choices, Nail Bar has a greater selection. I haven't had the chance to have my nails done at Nail Bar yet, so I hope to see so for myself.
 Needs more magazines. I'll admit, I like to go to salons, not only to get pampered, but also to read magazines! (Nail Files have a lot, and are updated with the latest issues, which is why it's one of my favorites) Haha. I bet a lot of women share the same sentiment. :)

Overall, they have really good service. 
I have yet to try their massages but I'm definitely coming back.
I highly recommend that you visit them. :)

They are located at  Door 1 Pelayo Bldg, Quirino cor J. Camus St, Davao City.
Contact numbers: (082) 221-6663 / 0917-6341378

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