The Best Day


Happy last day of February!

I hadn't planned on posting an entry tonight, especially not this set of photos as I was saving these photos for a special day, a special feeling and I was also thinking of a special write-up for this particular set. However, I thought, why should we wait for "special timing"? Life's too short so let's use those 'special' notebooks, drink those "special" wines. I mean, I'm happy, I feel great, I had a great last day of February and I've got good news, insights and  stories to share so if that isn't special and good enough reason, what is?

A New Twist to an Old Favorite


I'm bumping off the other outfits I shot with Pat and Rien for this one which I wore just last Wednesday. I had a really tiring (and trying) busy weekend--we had our first PIChE-JCM Students' Summit and I was one of the organizers. So before the weekend rolled around, I made sure to have some fun. I went on a post-Valentine date with my forever Valentine, Mithi to have some lunch and catch up. :)

And We'll Never Be..Florals


Since Valentine's Day is officially over, I now officially usher in the summer season with this outfit! :)

Nothing says spring/summer more than floral printed clothes; they're a staple in every Spring/Summer show. Although I've always wanted to wear floral pieces, they seemed too dainty for me, especially floral dresses. So, I've never had anything floral..until now. Needless to say, this is actually my first time wearing floral prints on my blog. Yay!

Here's to (Self) Love


Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!
Here's to a "holiday" that's been the bane of my existence throughout my tumultuous, hormone-charged teen years. Here's to a day that's caused me tears (both of joy, but usually of envy and self-pity :( ) but gave me smiles and memories worth remembering too (especially during my days in UP :) ). Here's to a day I've finally come to terms with now that I'm older, "wiser" and definitely more accepting of myself.



It's been a week since I last blogged and since these photos were taken for Gelianne's make-up portfolio. My bloggies (blogger besties/buddies, whatever you prefer) spent Chinese New Year shooting and they were so excited about how the photos turned out that they blogged their outfit shots immediately! I'm usually the most active among us but now I'm the last one to post one of the outfits we shot. Haha.


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