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Happy last day of February!

I hadn't planned on posting an entry tonight, especially not this set of photos as I was saving these photos for a special day, a special feeling and I was also thinking of a special write-up for this particular set. However, I thought, why should we wait for "special timing"? Life's too short so let's use those 'special' notebooks, drink those "special" wines. I mean, I'm happy, I feel great, I had a great last day of February and I've got good news, insights and  stories to share so if that isn't special and good enough reason, what is?

In my rush to get to school today, I left both my phone and tab at home! Now that would be okay if we lived near school but we don't. My sister was supposed to bring it but when I called her (cause I was leaving school for the gym), she was still at home and she was going to her work place so I told her to just leave it at home. My biggest problem aside from communication/connection issues (cause I like being connected--through text, social media, etc.. DUH. blogger haha) was how do I survive my walk to the gym AND my cardio sessions without music? Cardio feels like the longest hour cause I'm just walking and running in one place, going nowhere and I hate it. Music helps make the time go by cause when I think "30 minutes left" that's just about 6 5-minute songs. :))

I was able to survive my cardio session without music though I don't know how I did that! I think I had an outer body experience or maybe I focused on the cardio instead, which was a good thing since music can sometimes distract you by adding clutter your brain thus resulting in less focus, and what I've learned in exercise is that it is as much mental as it is physical.

I've also had the chance to really listen and take down notes in class, cause sometimes when I'm bored I check my tab or phone (both connected to the internet by the way so there are times I get bored with the internet. At least now I got to miss the internet for a day HAHA). It's so weird, we've all become so dependent on our phones--to the point of not wearing watches cause we have our phones to check the time! (Thank God I had my watch on though or else I wouldn't survive the day!) I do unplug from time to time; I even have my no-contact Sundays or Saturdays wherein I wouldn't answer text messages or calls as well as check social media but my phone's within sight I'm still somewhat assured. Not having your phone with you is different. A good kind of different, as I realize. I felt like a lame man without his crutch but later on, I just And at least I didn't have to worry about my phone getting stolen by constantly cupping my pockets! haha. I mean, people have survived without cellular phones in the past and lived. Our parents and grandparents are a prime example.

So anyway, without the distraction of my phone, I got to enjoy today thoroughly. I felt what I needed to feel, absorbed every moment and that's probably a big part of why I'm happy. Sometimes we get so distracted with our gadgets, trying to Instagram this and that, that the moment just passes us by. We never really get to soak in it. While yes, phones can be helpful to help us remember certain moments by, I've found that the best way to remember is through feelings. We never forget how we felt on special days, do you agree?

And something else that made me happier was learning that I LOST 4 KGS and I am back to my high school weight!! =)) I still have lots to lose though but at least when my friends say I look thinner, I know it's true, as they said it showed in this set of photos! *blush* (haha! segue!)

top: Forever 21 || skirt: Cotton On || scarf: Pull and Bear || boots: thrifted || photos by Rien Bautista

This was my second set during that shoot we had a couple of weeks back and I love how everything turned out--the setting, the clothes, the photos. This is one of my favorite no-brainer outfits and I feel so lazy comfortable chic in it. This is something I've worn to school (funny cause that day the library staff asked to take a photo of me!) and church already but it was only then that I got to have it shot. I could see this being worn on a movie and dinner date as well. :)

Hope you liked this set and hope you had a great Feb 28th! :)
March, I'm so ready for you!! #summer


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  1. You do look so happy in these pics and I totally agree, why wait for that 'special occasion' when living is special enough! :) Congrats on achieving your weight goals too. I love the skirt in this outfit, the spinny-round-ness is great! :D



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