It's been a week since I last blogged and since these photos were taken for Gelianne's make-up portfolio. My bloggies (blogger besties/buddies, whatever you prefer) spent Chinese New Year shooting and they were so excited about how the photos turned out that they blogged their outfit shots immediately! I'm usually the most active among us but now I'm the last one to post one of the outfits we shot. Haha.

Everything was perfect about that day: the weather, the company (*hearts*), the make-up and (importantly) how the photos turned out. #bloggerproblems I didn't have to edit the photos Pat took, save for resizing them cause they were just so good! Her lens (plus that day's lighting) was magical! Gelianne also did a really good job doing all of our make-up (as well as getting us all together. Thank you G!); I really felt glamorous. It was as if I was a model having her make-up done for NYFW. Haha. A girl can dream. :-)

I'm wearing two of the pieces I got over Christmas break. I still have a few unworn and unphotographed pieces which I can't wear to school cause it's either something sleeveless or long sleeved, and lately the weather's too hot for me to wear something long sleeved. I chose to wear this outfit for the shoot cause I obviously can't wear this to school. I've already thought of a few options to make the maxi dress wearable to school (and it's pretty easy to think of combinations since you can turn the maxi dress to a skirt!) but I don't know if I can pull off a carefree boho look, especially now that I'm so haggard--I carry so much stuff to school (gym equipment on top of my books). #engineeringproblems Maybe towards the end of the semester?

I also wanna share the stories behind these two pieces. I like to christen myself the queen of steals because I get really unbelievable deals on most of my clothes. I think it's because I'm quite really stingy that I can wait for clothes to go on sale because I know for sure patience is not my strongest suit. Anyway, I've been eyeing this denim vest at Forever 21 and when I decided that it was a worthy buy, I couldn't find it! It was on sale so someone must've probably bought it OR it got lost in their sea of clothes. So anyway, I go to Cotton On instead and poof! There's a light wash denim vest similar to the one at Forever 21 AND at a lower price! Huzzzaaah! The maxi dress was something I was also eyeing and after New Year, when Ayessa and I went out, I found the dress on sale! From 815php (when I saw it around Christmas time) to 569php and that 569php was an orange tag meaning it was a double markdown sale, so I got the dress for around 300php! It reaaaalllly pays to wait, especially here in Davao. :)

 maxi dress: Forever 21 || denim vest: Cotton On || sandals: Charles and Keith (Pat's) || make-up: Makeup by G || photos by Pat Bacaltos
I'm wearing something sleeveless for a change. I seldom post sleeveless photos cause I'm conscious about my arms but I have to admit, it's quite refreshing to see a bit more skin than usual. In my usual chaste and conservative fashion, I still kept things tasteful by covering up my legs. Balance is key, and like I always say, less is more.
with Rien and Dawn. Don't have pics with Gelianne and Pat :(

these girls :)
 Who are you reminded of by my outfit? I think the outfit is very Chichay (played by Kathryn Bernardo) from Got To Believe (a Filipino soap opera). In my defense though, she wasn't my peg at all. Haha. Defensive! =))
What do you think? :)

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