A New Twist to an Old Favorite


I'm bumping off the other outfits I shot with Pat and Rien for this one which I wore just last Wednesday. I had a really tiring (and trying) busy weekend--we had our first PIChE-JCM Students' Summit and I was one of the organizers. So before the weekend rolled around, I made sure to have some fun. I went on a post-Valentine date with my forever Valentine, Mithi to have some lunch and catch up. :)

Since I only had 3 classes and since I knew I was skipping the gym to go out for lunch, I could afford to dress girly (cause I usually just build an outfit from yoga pants and sneakers to avoid lugging around lots of stuff to school). As usual, we didn't know where to eat but good thing we passed by the Metro Lifestyle complex cause there were lots of places to choose from which we haven't tried. We settled on the healthy food place outside of Little Asia, Fruitea Master, so at least I didn't feel too guilty for skipping a workout. By the way, you should try it there! The food's good and really affordable.

So what inspired me to wear this outfit? Well, the week before, Lorraine wore a blazer and jeans to school and rocked it. Every time I wear a blazer, I always come out looking too formal so that was my week's challenge: to come up with a school-appropriate outfit that doesn't look to business-y; kinda like what the kids in Manila do. Well there, they can wear shorts to make the outfit more casual but I can't do that in school cause there's a dress code! Finally I settled on my sister's H&M dress in pale pink. I saw the combination of royal blue and pale pink on a mannequin at Forever 21 and it looked good. 
blazer: Forever 21 || dress and bag: H&M || oxfords: Shoebox || photos: Mithi
Plus, later that night, I had an impromptu dinner with my relatives cause it was my aunt's birthday. Good thing I wore something pretty family-appropriate (or meet-the-parents appropriate too, if you may!). At least the royal blue blazer I bought a couple of years ago is still on trend and it was made updated by a new combination. I think it's been at least half a year since I wore the blazer on one of my posts. Plus, I'm not really a dress person so hooray for this little step out of my comfort zone :)
Anyway, today was supposed to be the 3rd day of the summit and plant tours were scheduled BUT I woke up late and missed it altogether so I had a very much needed free day to myself! (Hashtag UP throwback No Monday class!) Thank God there's no class tomorrow as well! I need what's left of my weekend to regroup and recover! 
So, what do you think of the outfit?
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  1. I think your challenged totally worked, the softness and hue of the frock tone down the formality of the blazer for sure~ :D

  2. Thank you for always commenting Jacqueline! i always love reading your comments, you always really read through my posts :)



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