I go to school so my days usually evolve around a routine. I'm the kind of person who easily gets bored so I try to switch things up a bit. It's ironic though that as much as I love trying out different things, I want it on my own terms. I guess you could say I like planned spontaneity. So it feels different when life and circumstance that try to switch things up for you. That was something I experienced a couple of days ago.

I AM MEG Goes Nationwide!


Are you smart? Are you strong? Do you declare that you have a place in this earth?  Lo and behold! I am Meg, a reality show for bold, young women of today kicks of its search for the next MEG Ambassador who is intelligent, empowered and confident, and this year the search goes nationwide!  

Presented by Smart and hosted by Maxene Magalona, the reality show is now on its 3rd season and continues to empower the next generation of women, to make them accept who they are and to not be afraid to push the limits. The search becomes thorough and big as I am Meg explores the island of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. 

Begin Again


The second week of school is only starting tomorrow but I feel like I've been at it for a while now. I can't believe summer is over and done and I am officially in my senior year! Plus, there's nothing like a 3-hour lecture on the second day of class to make me feel it. I remember on a couple of occasions this week when I spaced out and thought, what is this?? As if to cement our true blue senior status, it seemed as if our teachers immediately just threw us into the pool--no introductions or reviews needed. But that's good though--no more coddling. I actually spent the whole day yesterday reading up just to not fall behind--we're already having a quiz on Wednesday!

Stylish Saturdays: Kayture


There are only a few blogs that truly inspire blog envy in me (and at the same time keep me coming back for more!--I know, I know, I'm punishing myself) and one of those is Kristina Bazan's Kayture. She's not only exceptionally gorgeous, but she's smart as well. I can tell by the way her blog articles are written. Even though she's really famous and busy, she still takes time to write her own posts in a way that truly engages the reader--you can tell because each post has a personal side to it. I love reading long posts that just don't detail what happened to the person that day or what they're wearing and Kristina manages to do this charmingly. Her photos, taken by her boyfriend, are also exceptional--but that's a given since Kristina is very easy on the eyes, poses like a pro and she and her boyfriend have this rapport and chemistry you can't explain but just know by looking at the photos. James, her boyfriend, is very talented and not to mention, very cute as well! Similar to Gary Pepper, hers is this editorial/aspiration kind of blog, where she and James travel over the world to share what life looks like on their side of the fence. And she is just 20 years old!!! Oh and her fashion sense? Understated but chic. Just the way I like it. :)

Photos from www.kayture.com

visit her blog at www.kayture.com


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Maybe This Time


I rarely ever buy new clothes because I seldom find something that I reeeeeaaaaalllly like (that fits me) and can afford. Plus, it also has to pass that seven outfit test I keep mentioning--that if I can make at least 7 outfits with it, it's a worthy buy. This dress from Forever 21 is one of them. I mean, obviously, or I wouldn't have bought it. And even so, as usual, I had second (and third and fourth...) thoughts of buying it. Good thing Ayessa, my persistent voice of (un)reasonable purchases, was there to persuade me to just buy it. I usually have this really strict reward system for myself but for the first time in a long time, I actually did not have buyer's remorse. HAHA

Foodie Friday: Beef with Broccoli


When I started exercising, I thought that would be enough for me to lose weight. I thought I could be like those people who could just exercise and eat what they wanted. Fast forward to a month since I started going to the gym, I was dismayed to find out that I only lost 0.6kg! I think it's because I was still building muscles (they say it's hard to lose weight the first few months) but it's also most likely because my eating habits haven't changed since I started exercising. I don't eat a whole lot but perhaps the food I did eat was so packed with fat and empty calories. Plus, I didn't eat vegetables (before) and I couldn't kick my sweet tooth. So, I resolved to try to eat healthier.



One of the highlights of my summer was that I finally got my student permit. I know it seems a bit too late in the game for me to get one, especially when some of the people I was with at the LTO were kids younger than me getting their driver's licenses, but it was only recent that my father finally gave me his blessing to learn how to operate a car. So anyway, I have a list life skills I should learn (driving and swimming are two of them) but while waiting at the LTO, I got to thinking about some more skills that people should have under their arsenal.


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