One of the highlights of my summer was that I finally got my student permit. I know it seems a bit too late in the game for me to get one, especially when some of the people I was with at the LTO were kids younger than me getting their driver's licenses, but it was only recent that my father finally gave me his blessing to learn how to operate a car. So anyway, I have a list life skills I should learn (driving and swimming are two of them) but while waiting at the LTO, I got to thinking about some more skills that people should have under their arsenal.

Farrah's Life Skill Checklist

1) Drive

2) Change A Tire

3) Build a Fire

4) Wait in Line
-especially in the Philippines!! Go UP training! It isn't called University of Pila for nothing ;)

5) Get your important papers and government issued IDs, transact at the bank
-I feel so grown up every time I do this. HAHA

6) Cook

7) Select good produce, fish and meat
-I need to learn this. It's like every mom's skill.

8) How to flirt without looking like a fool or a creep

9) How to do well at job interviews 
Know what to say or what not to say; make your weakness sound like a strength.

10) How to deal with rejection
I don't know if anyone can fully learn this cause we all take rejection in different ways. Maybe just take that rejection as a motivation to do better and prove yourself the next time around.

11) Deliver bad news
Another skill I have to say, cannot fully be learned. How do doctors do it?

12) Pack light (!!!)
Not everyone knows how to do this!!

13) Swim

14) First aid and CPR

15) Self defense

16) sew/make minor alterations

17) do your laundry

18) SAVE and invest your money wisely
-Not everyone knows how to do this because generally people are scared to invest their savings so they go for the most minimal risk--a savings account. This is something I definitely want to learn: how to grow my money

If I'm gonna keep up blogging, I will always need this under my blogging arsenal but sadly I don't know how. I just know how to resize photos. #noob

20) Live on your own
20 a) Coexist with someone you don't already know

There is nothing like living on your own because it teaches you to be independent. I learned how to transact, manage my time, do laundry, etc. My friends left for Cebu the other week, their first time to be away from their families for a long time. My friends were anxious about it, especially the part about living with someone they don't know. I remember the time I went to live in Kalay. I was 16 then so I probably wasn't as cautious as my friends are, thinking about whether my roommate-to-be was gonna be a psycho or a thief (thankfully, she was not). But still, as I moved on to other dorms, I learned a lot about people in general and how everyone has different habits because of different backgrounds.

The same day my friends left for Cebu, my sister left for Manila for a job interview. As a gift, my dad got her this white blazer the night before to wear to her interview. All of us (me, my mom and my other sisters) also want a white blazer since it goes with everything but since she was leaving that day and would be away for a long time, I immediately took the chance to get an outfit shot with the blazer. This is something I would wear from work to play.

Presenting my best "ALAK PA" face. I don't know if Janvie would be proud.
My sister Feebee while taking my photo: "It's so obvious that you're not a party girl with your pose"
white blazer and black top: Forever 21 || heels: Jessica Simpson
And all I had to say was, "IKR"

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  1. I love your Blazer! <3


  2. loving the formal chic look :)



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