Style Remix 2: Movie Date


For the second installment of Style Remix, I styled my tank top and jeans for something I could wear to the movies. This has got to be one of my most favorite lazy and comfy outfits to date cause it's something you put together when you don't want to think about what to wear. The slouchy cardigan my mom got (which I stole) is the best cause it's light but it also keeps you warm at the same time. And the black straw fedora I got has also been a permanent fixture on my blog lately as my hair's in a perpetual state of disarray AKA it's growing out.

This outfit set was taken by my brother when we went out to watch The Amazing Spiderman 2. Before this summer, I've never really appreciated how my brother really is growing up. Because he's the youngest and I'm the oldest, and because I practically raised him, he's always been a baby to me. But, there are little things that he does that make me say my brother is no longer the little boy he was. For one, he's now as tall as I am!! And I mean sure, he's still sweet and being the youngest, he does all his sisters' biddings, but he now knows a lot of random science facts and he can join and keep up with us in our conversations.

One of the best things about my brother though is that he is patient, especially here when he took my outfit shots. If other bloggers have their photographer boyfriends, I have my photographer brother. ;)

Meet my 12 y/o brother:


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