Style Remix 1: Lazy Sunday


Even though summer's all about color, you'll probably be seeing a lot of my summer outfits in the formulaic tank top/jeans combo. You can blame the heat for that; it's making me lazy. However, I'll be mixing it up. I'll show you how I take my tank top and jeans combo to literally anywhere and from day to night. For the first style remix outfit, I'll show you how I would style my tank top and jeans combo for a summer day out with my family.
A couple of Sundays ago, when the weather wasn't as good as it is now, we headed off to Garden Oases to cool off. My family usually spends Sundays home or when we do go out, we head to the mall. We're probably the definition of mall rats cause people at the malls we frequent know us already--andami namin eh! So going somewhere else was a welcome change.

I love Garden Oases cause it's within the city so it's accessible but it doesn't feel that way! I chose to add some colorful pieces like my mom's scarf and my turquoise bag and flats just to make an otherwise boring outfit a bit more summer-y!
photobombing brother

Hope you liked this! :)


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