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A couple of Saturdays ago, the Fashion Institute of Design and Arts (FIDA), Davao's first (and only) fashion school, held its graduation show at the SM Lanang Premier atrium for its second batch of graduates. From 5 graduates of the previous year, there were 13 graduates this year that showcased their creations. There were 8 graduates from the 1-year Fashion Design course who showcased a 7-piece collection each, and 4 graduates from the 2-year design course who showcased a 12-piece collection each. Let's get started then?

I attended the show with Pat and Wilson of Style Zodiac. We came out to support Rien who was walking the runway. So, the show opened with Maizy Tan's collection entitled "Cabaret", inspired by the movie/musical Chicago. I loved all the pieces, especially the fur capelets but the piece de resistance was the gold beaded number which I heard took her 2 weeks to make! It was brought to life by Yani Buenviaje who personified that Chicago girl to a T.

My cam conked out the first few sets so I apologize if I had a few photos. :( Up next was April Carolino's Bollywood-inspired collection, done in mostly primary colors: red, blues, yellows.

PAK! Reveal.

One of my absolute favorites was Adonis Maquidato's Black Swan-inspired collection. I loved how his pieces told a story and how the clothes transitioned from sweet and girly to dark and sultry. I thought his collection was well thought-of and very well executed.

I love this dress too much! Takes me back to my ballet days!

The transition dress: half-sweet, half-sultry

modeled by... Rien! Go Ri! #DFBsupport

another dress I love. I love tulle a lot but I don't know if I could ever pull it off.

Next was Elaine Pocot's collection "Cynosure" which was inspired by the movie "In Time". I haven't seen the movie but most of the clothes had this subtly sexy feel and came in jewel tones.

Next was Yvette Lopez's collection called Sweet Fabulosity, which was inspired by the movie Stepford Wives. I haven't seen the movie as well, but the collection made me want to download it ASAP! Even though Yvette's the oldest of the group, she showed that she still has it. When I attended the press conference, I saw her vignette and video and thought it was by a young designer cause everything just looked so fresh and fun, but I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised to find out it came from the "mommy" of the group.

Her pieces were mostly floral and came in citrusy hues. They were very feminine and the silhouettes seemed very 50's-60's but they were given an updated twist, like the backless dress below.

Up next was Michelle Faustino's Lush, inspired by Sex and the City 2. SATC 2 was shot mostly in Abu Dhabi and in the movie, everything screamed luxurious and cosmopolitan but with a resort feel. Her collection showcased the inspiration down pat. It came in jewel tones of mostly royal blue, purple and fuchsia of which I would totally wear myself.

I loved the styling of this piece so much!

Next was Pasquinade by Nicole Calope. Her collection was inspired by the roaring 20's flapper era from the movie, The Great Gatsby. I liked the pieces as well, because I love the 20's! Back then, they were so elegant and glamorous. I love how the designer played with textures, cuts and fabric because her collection was mostly black and white. My favorite had to be the gold fringe dress.

Why do you tend to love what you can't have (or in my case, wear)? I love these fringe dresses.

Last from the 1-year degree program was Neil Jimlani's Luxuex, inspired by the Audrey Hepburn classic, Breakfast at Tiffany's. Luxueu it was as the pieces were all very lakas maka-donya! Most of the tops' silhouettes were very exaggerated but they were balanced out by slim-fitting bottoms. The collection was mostly also done in black, white and peach and the fabrics used were mostly crepe, satin and linen.

Intermission was a 10-piece set styled by Daphne Balagtas featuring pieces from Forever 21. First was what I would call Coachella fashion featuring loose tribal printed pieces and crochet.

I love both the skirt and dress. Actually, if you head on to Forever 21, you'd want to take home their whole bohemian/tribal section (or that could just be me).

Rien kita midriff! Gaganyan na din yan sa blog! :))

Enya the proud sister =))

Next was the sporty segment. I love the skirt and bag!!

I can see Rien wearing something like this on her blog :)

The graduates for the 2-year program started with Julia Ilarde's Alice in Wonderland themed collection. for me the collection was divided into 3: inspired by the White Rabbit, The White Queen and the Red Queen. The White Rabbit showed pinstriped, menswear-inspired pieces, The White Queen showed feminine, all-white pieces and the Red Queen showed (duh) red pieces. I thought that some of the red queen pieces could've passed off as pieces from the Bollywood collection though and I thought that the designs should've been a bit more cohesive because all together, they look really far-fetched from each other. So, a little editing would've been good. During the show though, I was sitting next to Yana, my friend who graduated Clothing Tech and she told me that among all the pieces, Julia's had really good tailoring. As in all of her clothes were finished by the time of the presscon. Hashtag designer perspective.

That being said though, I still liked this dress a lot. It's super whimsical, and I love the color.

Next was Maria Michael's collection called Solstice, as inspired by the movie Underworld Awakening. Most of the pieces came in black and/or navy blue and in fabrics like leather and velvet. 

Next was Jasmine Castillo's collection Spectrum, inspired by the movie Tron Legacy. Her collection was futuristic functional--not too futuristic that you wouldn't wear it but enough that you see the inspiration behind it. Her collection featured neutrals in gray, black and brown done in strategic cuts.

Last but not the least was Ron Santos' Ave Sinistra, inspired by Snow White and the Huntsman. I have to say, I loved the collection because it truly spoke volumes of the designer's aesthetic. He took elements from the movie but made it distinctly his. I have an idea of Ron's style since I see him around: it's very distinct--like this loose top which was deconstructed, as well as the long hemlines--they're very him.

I loved this one a lot. It reminds me of something an unconventional bride would wear (okay, or what a Carrie Bradshaw leaning towards grunge would)

Super obsessed with this dress and the head piece! Plus, the model looks like Jasmine Maierhofer, doesn't she?

That concludes my take on Spliced. If you noticed, most of the pieces were either grungy/deconstructed or luxurious/elegant and a lot of the pieces came in neutrals, mostly black. The Davao fashion scene though, looks really promising with 12 new designers in tow! :)

Wore something really simple. Same formula as Pat: sweater, skirt and sneaks :)) #DFBsupport

What collection did you love the most?
I would love to hear what you think! :)


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