This is actually my first ever outfit post with the short hair since I had only cut it a few days prior to that day. I don't know why I prolonged posting this, maybe because I wanted to think of an apt write-up but truth is, I guess I may just have run out of feels. A few days before this, I was feeling depressed (again) because another batch of graduates (and some even 2-3 years younger than me--ugh at my obsession with age) were about to leave me school behind. When I knew I'd be attending my sister's graduation (cause my dad couldn't make it as he had work :( ), I was dreading it a bit because I didn't want envy to rear its ugly head. I sure as hell didn't want to rain on my sisters' and friends' day. But when I got to the graduation ceremony, I felt...empty. Like okay, ito na ito (okay, this is it)? I realized graduation is just a rite of passage and after the graduation day, you're still the same person albeit having put about 17 years of education behind. Not to make graduation a small deal in case you'd think this is bitterness talking, I think the happiness stems out of relief and that sense of accomplishment that you finished school. Then the next day comes and you have to get your pertinent papers, start looking for a job or start reviewing for the board exam.

While I expected the happiness over graduation to last longer, it surprisingly didn't. In about a week, everything was back to normal on my Facebook feed. A month later, I saw most of my friends moving on...acting like they just hadn't graduated a month before but a year before. I don't know, I guess I expected a prolonged glee? Or maybe that's just me. Maybe when my time comes, I'm gonna milk it for all its worth.

Anyway, this is what I wore to my sisters' graduations. Yep, you read that right. Two of my sisters graduated this year and on the same day, no less. Since my dad couldn't come, I was (self-)elected the official photographer. I chose to wear my sister's white dress since it was hot but donned the blue blazer since the dress was sleeveless and I wanted to be appropriate for the occasion. No matter, the blazer was linen anyway, which is a light fabric, so it was also cool. I finished everything with nude accessories.

I noticed at the college graduation though that not a lot of people dressed up and I was probably one of the few that did bother...and I was racking my brain for days for the perfect effortless chic occasion-appropriate outfit. Ah I guess that's how a (fashion) blogger's brain works for you.

Anyway, some photos of the day:

Felicia, my sister who finished BS Information Technology
my BS Chem friends and  lunch mates: Nathalie, Emman and Mark (not ready!)
Feebee, who graduated from high school, and Chubby

dress: Felicia's || blazer: Forever 21 || nude clutch: SM Accessories || shoes: Payless

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  1. Congratulations to your sisters Farrah! :) Soon, it will be your turn :) God bless!

  2. Thank you Karlalily! I hope so too! :)



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