They Don't Know About Us


You know how I mentioned that my sisters and I caught a stomach bug last week? Well, another "epidemic" has been going on at home and it's called the One Direction fever. It only initially infected my sister Feebee, but upon the repeated rape of her laptop's replay button, I think it's finally getting to me. She once mentioned to me that 1D fans were the most passionate fans and that's why they made it so big so fast. Well, my sister, when she gets into something, she can be really enthusiastic about it and her enthusiasm is contagious so I guess it can't be helped that we all got bitten by the 1D bug.

My sister got me to watch the One Direction concert movie, This is Us, with her. One of the things that struck me the most was when they were in disguise and they surprised their fans. I can only imagine how happy those fans were at the time and that just made me start to like and respect 1D. Although there can be downsides to fame like loss of privacy (and sometimes, fame even leads to loss of your own identity!! Hello children of Hollywood that have fallen off the beaten path) and not being able to live life normally, the little things like these, making people happy by being yourself (the part where you earn a shitload of money is not so bad too HAHA jk) makes up for it. I wish I could be able to make someone happy like that.

One of the things I like about 1D is the way they dress. This outfit in particular just brings Louis to mind (OMG when did I get all first-name basis on them?). He has this outfit where he's in a striped top and red pants but this is my own spin to it. I just mixed and matched some of my old pieces which you've seen a lot of in my blog. You don't necessarily need to buy new pieces for your summer wardrobe; the old ones would work just fine. Here I am again in what I think are summer's key trends: stripes, chambray/denim and color.

chambray polo, neon pink skirt: Forever 21 || striped top: H&M || black Converse sneakers || straw hat: UP Bazaar (old) || photos by Feebee Garcia
And before I forget, I'm not a Star Wars fan but
May the force (fourth) be with you!
PS. The title's from one of the 1D songs I keep on loop, "They Don't Know About Us". You should listen to it. :)

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  1. I love this song!! Hahaha crush ko talaga ang striped top mo, ate farrah :)



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